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  1. Thank you SO much for all the tedious work you put into that list. Because of your work, it is ALOT easier for me to analyze my needs and, dare I say, PLAN my RT 7 Lite sessions. I used that document as the basis for some research and test-bed virtual machine installations to come up with a categorized list of components. Check out my post at: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/162956-rt7-lite-components-removal-list-by-sleepy-p-one-step-higher/ Thanks so much again.
  2. Hello. I am very new to the forum but not new to RT 7 Lite. I wish to send a big Thank You to Sleepy P. He did an absolutely terrific job of documenting the components list in RT 7 Lite. I can imagine it had to be rather tedious and time consuming, and I certainly do appreciate his efforts in that regard. With that list, a lot of research, and probably 15-20 virtual machine test-bed installations, I was able to create a categorized list of the components. This list shows what components collaborate to implement specific functionalities. You could use this list to help you decide which functionalities you do not need and what components should be removed as a result. Now, please be aware that this should be taken with a grain of salt, as removing a component one place might break something else. For example, you do need Windows Media Player on the DVD to be able to run the Windows Experience Index. Doesn't have to be installed, just has to be on the DVD. Weird, huh? All-in-all, if you can, test the results in a virtual machine before re-formatting your desktop or laptop. I have probably made some mistakes on here. In addition, I may not fully understand a certain component or functionality. If so, please feel free to correct me. Also, if you wish, you can download the document and customize it as you see fit. All I ask is that if you publish it, please do so as a collaborative work and not just the work of me, Sleepy P, or yourself. Here is a link to the document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApGoByXyHBcxdGc5dlpEYWlfOFM4dDZDaG8xN1VqUmc&usp=sharing I do sincerely hope you find this file helpful.