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  1. xdot updates

    oh ok all done then brill
  2. xdot updates

    Redid integration from scratch - see attached, and everything seems fine now-no error messages when installing to virtual box, All updates seem to have taken. Had already been slipstreamed with service Pack 3. Can't remember why or when. The only slight error Was that when opening up Internet Explorer from the desktop it hung and had to reboot- then it was okay. Suppose I am a little concerned about the Internet Explorer 8 7 zip update because it's coming from somewhere else, even though it was clear on virus scans. would it harm the installation if I removed the two .rat files do you know? Overall am really happy now - thanks a million LAST SESSION.INI
  3. xdot updates

    Hi not bothered about Windows media player 11 Last session.ini attached am integrating with service Pack 3- worked previously LAST SESSION.INI
  4. xdot updates

    okay almost all good Only further problem I had was when nlite was compiling everything it came up with an error : Windows service Pack setup has encountered a problem and needs to close Clicked ok and nlite then carried on when I installed the resulting ISO there were no error messages or apparent problems. IE8 had installed successfully but Windows media player was still at version 9-is it supposed to install version 11? Can you think of any other of your updates that might have done this (didn't get the error when not using your updates) Hopefully this is the last question. Thanks again
  5. xdot updates

    okay fine thanks. Have donated via your xdot page through paypal When you say point nilite towards them you mean in the "hot fixes" section? Do you need to have Windows genuine advantage set before it importing Internet Explorer etc? with IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.OnePiece.7z I looked inside with seven zip and noticed there were 2 "rat " files which seemed to have pornography inside them. Is this file and other similar ones completely virus free-have they been checked? Thanks
  6. xdot updates

    Questions about xdot updates and nilite: Have downloaded UDC-04.20.13 No problems there Can you copy the .cab files directly into the nilite hot fixes folder so that they will be dealt in exactly the same way as the .exe files? If not what do you do with these files? E.g.WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB952069-v2-x86-ENU.cab WindowsUpdateAgent7.6.7600.256.cab What are you meant to do with "IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.OnePiece.7z" ? Do you extract it and put it into the same folder as above? Thanks very much. Will be happy to donate if I can get this working