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  1. Hi Andre, I had the bright idea to check the components' manufacturers' websites for drivers rather than the latest ones my motherboard's manufacturer put up for download. So this might be worth a try for others who have tried "everything", try to find the model number of the component(s) that is giving you problems, and manually update the drivers. In my case I updated all the chipset drivers related to PCI bus and USB controllers, and also the drivers for my NIC. This seems to have fixed my issues; I occasionally still get a spike, but these are so rare I can live with it. Thanks anyway though, it's really rare to see someone so selflessly helpful nowadays!
  2. Hello, I've been having issues with audio playback skipping on this PC I've recently built, and I can't seem to solve it on my own so I'd like to ask for your help. I've Googled and tried pretty much every common solution, such as: Drivers: Have all the latest Chipset, audio and LAN drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's website. GPU is Radeon 68xx, and I've updated the drivers for that recently. BIOS: C-states, Speedstep and Turbo Boost are turned off. Everything else I don't use (integrated audio, USB 3.0 controller, serial port, etc.) are turned off as well. All power-saving options are disabled if possible. Windows: All power-saving options are disabled, the power scheme is set to High Performance. System sounds are off, processor scheduling is set to "background services". Most unnecessary Windows services and Aero are disabled, and the only non-Windows program I have on startup is Daemon Tools Lite. Other programs: No anti-virus running in the background, Windows Firewall is off as well. Some other things to note: -I'm running a USB audio DAC and the dropouts/skips only seem to occur with this device, the integrated audio chip seems to be working without problems. But the same DAC/setup works without problems on my laptop, so it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem. I've tried all the other USB ports on the motherboard, but they all have the same issue. I've read USB 3.0 ports could potentially have issues with audio playback, so I turned those off as I have no USB 3.0 devices anyway. -Disabling the (wired) network device in the Windows Device Manager temporarily doesn't solve the issue. -The problem seems to be with the "INTERRUPT TO USER PROCESS LATENCIES", which spikes to 1500-4000 sometimes, the ISR/DPC latency seems to be relatively low (below 200 µs), so I'm not sure how to interpret that, as from reading this thread, most people have an issue with high DPC. -The "hard page fault count" also builds up over time. Please let me know if you need more info, I've attached a screenshot and the log from LatencyMon below. Thank you!