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  1. Thank you Jaclaz for this useful hint, I didn't know that the wayback machine also stored zip archives. That will greatly help me with the first post of this thread to get what I need. I already went a few times on this forum to get some patches and tips for Win9x systems, the job of the community to "maintain" those OSes despite Microsoft "policy" is simply amazing.
  2. Hello guys. I'm a computer tech, and a friend of mine went to me today to ask me to revive an old Win98se computer. I told him i would get a look at it, but I greatly lack of tools to do maintenance of this old operating system. Would someone mind to send me a copy of the last pack of system internals utilities which are working on Win98 ? And if this person can and accept to send me such a thing, is that ok if i share it around me, for these tools to remain avalaible in multiple places ? Cheers, Nexes

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