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  1. MTP File Transfer crashes Explorer.exe

    MagicAndre1981 - Thank you for the quick replies. I can confirm that disabling the WinZip shell extension caused the issue to occur no longer. I can transfer files from any MTP device now. By doing this I am still able to use WinZip as normal, except for the Right-Click feature for Unzipping/ Adding items. If any one else has similar issues, please go to the Shell Ex View link above and follow the steps provided to Disable all non-MS shell extensions. (They will be in pink) This will help greatly if you are not familiar with .dmp files and analyzing them. Thanks again.
  2. MTP File Transfer crashes Explorer.exe

    C:\LocalDumps http://sdrv.ms/16hTD03 Afterwards, I used shexview.exe from http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html to edit which Explorer shell extensions were enabled. I excluded all MS shell extensions from the list and Disabled the remaining items. I can not narrow down which shell extension was causing Windows Explorer.exe to restart right now, due to devices not being available. I will test my findings tomorrow, but each time a new shell extensions is enabled I will have to restart. This will take some time..... Thanks
  3. Windows 7 Professional (x86) Sony Vaio VGN-FE690P Intel T2300 1.67 GHz 2.00 GB RAM Attempting to transfer/ modify files on USB device crashes Windows Explorer.exe. This only occurs with MTP transferring, i.e. camera, phone, tablet. The folders on the device can be viewed, but can not be deleted or items transferred to a local folder without Explorer.exe crashing. Cameras can transfer files using "Import Picture Wizard" MiniDump.dmp available Reference this POST, but to no avail. Thanks in advance.