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  1. I used a program called Resource Hacker, opened shell32dll.mui file with it and edited the values inside the "dialog" folder, first open the dialog folder and then you will see various numbers, each of these numbers correspond to a dialog box of windows, you will see something like : FONT 9, "Segoe UI" . Just edit to a value you want, in this case the number 9 is the font size, and segoe ui is the font face that is currently being used. Change it to whatever you want and click on "compile script". When you finished , save the file and you're done.
  2. I've found the solution. Just run CMD with administrator rights and type mcbuilder, then reboot and it will work. Thanks for the help anyway.
  3. ok, now i understand what you're saying. In my case it is the PT-BR (brazilian portuguese) folder on system32 and sysWOW64 folders. So I edit Shell32.dll.mui with reshacker , save and it will work? I'll try that and post the result here, thanks. EDIT: I've changed everything in shell32.dll.mui file for both system32 and sysWOW64, saved and rebooted the system but nothing has changed. What i'm doing wrong now??
  4. Hello. I've tried to do what this guy here said -> but theres no Dialog folder when i open shell32.dll with reshacker on Win8 Professional x64. Since his post is from 2006 I undestand that he was trying that in WinXP or Vista. Probably M$ changed or hid the dialog folder in some way on Win8. My question is: Is there a way to do that on Win8? I've opened both shell32.dll from System32 and SysWOW64 folders and both do not have the Dialog folder. Maybe M$ changed it to another dll? Anyone can help me ????

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