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  1. I don't want to run it on external application. Thank you for your help and waste of time.
  2. 1. Windows 98SE now. 2. IE 5.0 now (Mame32Plus [Ash-Build] tested on Win98SE + IE6 unsuccessfully) 3. USP 2.1b now (Mame32Plus [Ash-Build] tested on 98 SE SP 3.0 BETA 4 and U98SESP3.19 and SP 5.0 Plus unsuccessfully) 4. Link for Mame32Plus [Ash-Build] http://www.emudreams.pl/news,MAME_0.148u3_okienkowe_klony,9333.html 5. KEX not tested. I wan to run it without KEX. 6. Mame32Plus [Ash-Build] tested on WinXP successfully, but i wan to run it on Win98SE because i love Win98SE. 7. Comctl32.dll; 5.81; 548624kb; (2002) from USP.
  3. I 've got newest version of comctl32.dll for Win9x = v.5.81.
  4. Mame32Plus (Ash-Build) when i enter a few versions of mame i get a warning that says "Mame32k has detected an old version of comctl32.dll" Any solution?
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