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  1. nope, you wouldn't want to remove that and retain ie it was notated in the OP's original listing, but honestly that's self explanatory and therefore does not require notation. if one can't see that they should be ill advised to remove anything... and, I only made made those lists into readable commands because they were terribly formatted in the original posts. I may go back and fix this later as far as a reference link for all packages I do not have but the OP might. the only way to get the names of about 1700+ packages is to take ownership and make visible their hidden registry keys which is not documented very well anywhere in my opinion, as far as being condensed in one place and understandable. but there are tutorials in various places for that, even here on this site. doing the work manually for the ones that use install_win_tweak.exe is better in my opinion and much cleaner, mainly because the OP doesn't even have the correct cmdline options set to clear ownership before removing the package and the aforementioned exe when used incorrectly could cause irreparable system or dependencie damage in the future. there's a thread over at MDLforums that mentions this as well as the manual way of removing the registry keys and packages. you'll need an account to view the posts, very informative and not just related to telemetry, the title is misleading https://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/package-telemetry-removal-guide-v1-0.70798/
  2. I've taken rancorx2's lists and made them into readable lists in a text editor so you can actually see what is being done easily, and for easier use in copy and pasting for scripting purposes or one by one applications. if the OP doesn't like this I'll remove OP's notes have been removed though, mainly out of haste rancorx tweaks.txt
  3. i've been lurking here for a while myself, but, i'd love to give your .cmd scripts a try if you want to share a link to them. GREAT WORK, btw i find this thread very interesting. my current Enterprise x64 runs at 900mb out of 8gb of ram and is very snappy with very little removed (in my opinion) through these same processes, but i had a hard time finding some package names and had to use other people's tools which i do not like. having a script that can do all that i want post boot, or one that i can use to do offline image servicing is best. i prefer offline servicing, but online works better for some things

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