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  1. Dear all, I have a 1T Toshiba portable harddisk, no partition, I used it fresh out from the box. One day I plugged in and the system asked to format the disk before I can use it, and in Disk Management it shows as RAW. I did some research and it lead me to TestDisk, I have tried to fixed it but not successful. I have been trying to fixed it with two machine, one from work is running Window 7 64bit (I have no administrator right) and the one from home running on Window Vista 32bit. I hope it will not create any additional problem by mixing the two. I did observed the autodetect by the two systems are different though... Below are the screen I have captured. I started testdisk, after create log this is what I see: When I run this with my laptop (Window Vista) it auto detect it as [intel], but with my PC (Window 7) it detected [None]. I have not partitioned this disk and [None] should be the correct choice? I have selected [intel] as what I did with my laptop. I don't seems to be able to do anything so I go back to the previous menu and selected "Analyse", and I see again: and follow by "Quick Search", after that the search jump quickly to 10/121600 as shown: And it seems to take forever to advance from here, is it normal? Normally how long does it take to analyse the whole 1T disk? Please help to advise if I am going along the right path. Thanks a lot!