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  1. WMI corrupted after install

    WMI isn't corrupted on source disk someone help please?
  2. WMI corrupted after install

    once again, i do nlite-ing on fresh copy of windows ALWAYS
  3. WMI corrupted after install

    I ran it only once. Ethernet was removed before on my previous old installs on other computer equipment but never had this problem.
  4. WMI corrupted after install

    I slipstreamed SP3 and then did nliteing.
  5. WMI corrupted after install

    I used nlite on ms windows xp sp3 to cut off unnecesarry things, and i got WMI corrupted. Why? Here is a sshot what I'm talking about: http://slike.hr/vidi.php?z=200811201251150.jpg btw it's the same for wireless or whatever connection. I attached my nlite settings: EZ_HP8710W.INI
  6. Why can't i install IE 7?

    hm anyone? ok, here are even my .ini files latitude120l.ini latitude120l_u.ini
  7. Why can't i install IE 7?

    ok, np, thank you one more question, what not to remove for MSXML 6 EDIT: i tried msxml 6 and it couldnt instal, i have newer version already installed
  8. Why can't i install IE 7?

    where can i find it to install it?
  9. Why can't i install IE 7?

    maybe this is error in install from that ie7 log file ERROR: |Initialize >>> Couldn't initialize the Windows Update Manager, HRESULT:0x80040154 So does it say that i have to turn on windows update to instal ie7?
  10. Why can't i install IE 7?

    I nlited my xp, and this is IE 7 log. EDIT: now i see it didnt upload sorry, here's the real one attached. ie7_main.txt
  11. Integrating nvidia ethernet driver doesn't work

    does it make any difference if i installed that win with integrated driver on virtual machine, not real computer.
  12. Does nLite handle multiple NICs?

    how did you integrate nvidia nic driver? and what nvidia nic you got, i mean is it nforce 2,3,4?
  13. DirectX and .NET

    Thanks, that's good to know, on both counts. I'm still looking for them. If anyone can post links, that would be great. Thanks, CC (EDIT1 found the .NET all-in-one here: http://rapidshare.com/files/74049831/dotnetaio.cab.html) (EDIT2 ... but that doesn't seem to be quite the latest/best. This http://rapid.mirror.host.fosi.eu.org/?/fil...ddon_v2.7z.html might be better ... I also found the DirectX addons - the latest seems to be Aug07: http://rs110.rapidshare.com/files/45693555/dirext_addon.cab) so integrating that comment from "edit 2" is good with nlite? does it install .net 3.5?
  14. Integrating nvidia ethernet driver doesn't work

    so what's the problem then? here i attached my .inf files BADGERLITE06122007.INI BADGERLITE06122007_U.INI
  15. Integrating nvidia ethernet driver doesn't work

    Ok, i downloaded the drivers from nvidia homepage and extracted them. I got few directories and i think this is right one for that ethernet driver: \nForce_5.10_WinXP2K_WHQL_international\Ethernet\PreNRM\WinXP This is screenshot of the files inside that dir: http://www.speedyshare.com/154952316.html here is a part from my winnt.sif [unattended] UnattendMode=DefaultHide UnattendSwitch="Yes" OemPreinstall="Yes" OemSkipEula="Yes" FileSystem=* WaitForReboot="No" NoWaitAfterTextMode=1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode=1 DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy=Ignore That ethernet card is integrated on my nforce 2 motherboard and i it says "Nvidia nforce networking controller"