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  1. Well at least with the Office 365 subscriptions serve a purpose. We sell those to some of our small clients 2-10 people so that they can get a more functional email solution plus their Office suite. But I think MS is kidding themselves if they ever expect any company, over a certain threshold say 100 users, that can do a cost analysis to ever want to use a subscription model of Office when they can just keep their old version working just fine. I have a fair amount of clients and through them vendors, contacts, partners etc... that still use Office XP and 2003. On top of that the people who would buy home premium are finally starting to find Open Office and the other freebies because so many students (aka children of less tech savvy people) are using it because they'd rather have a free Office suite and spend more money on whatever then on an expansive program to type words on.
  2. It's been a very long time since I posted here and if my old account still exists it must be tied to a long dead email. But on a oddly similar vein has anyone noticed Google beginning to make their products thematically similar to Win8? Google Play is getting redesigned and in my opinion looks very similar to the Modern UI in some respects. http://www.zdnet.com/google-rolls-out-new-media-focused-design-for-google-play-store-7000013760/ Also Chromes most recent update has big blocky menus now that are overly similar to Win8. Is this a sign that Google is trying to accommodate MS or do UI devs really think that this is the best way for things to look on high def screens?
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