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  1. i just updated my nvidia driver and still wont fix the issues
  2. only tst it without the discrete GPU. Do you still have issues or not? this reply was not for you. Does updating the nvidia network driver fixes it or not? sorry!!! i did not try it yet!!! if i will downgrade my OS to windows xp... can this be fixed??
  3. yeah, you have again spikes: Total = 7117 for module tcpip.sys Elapsed Time, > 4096 usecs AND <= 8192 usecs, 0, or 0.00% Elapsed Time, > 8192 usecs AND <= 16384 usecs, 8, or 0.11% Total, 7117 Have you tried it without the discrete GPU? Do you mean moving the card around? I need the GeForce for the games I play. The onboard video is of no use for games. yeah!! i tried it w/ nvidia graphics card installed...
  4. i just did update on my nforce network controller,, now it became nvidia nforce 10/100 mbps etherner....and my cpu usage is now around 60-70% w/ game app opened.... is that normal percentage?
  5. here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/xkj7k9dg6in0qby/DPC_Interrupt.etl
  6. here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Windows Performance Toolkit everything under 1000µs is not really critical. upload the generated .ETL file (compresed as zip/RAR/7z) if you're unsure. i cant upload the DPC_Interrupt.ETL because its to big
  7. my cpu usage still 100% what should i do i followed the all the steps.. i already update my bios and chipset drivers...
  8. where can i locate that file??
  9. I cant find "DPC CPU Usage" or "Interrupt CPU Usage" please help just only this..