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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Which one did you integrate at least? It was this one: >64bit Intel RST driver v11.2.0.1006 mod by Fernando for XP x64<< (compatible with nearly all Intel AHCI and RAID systems incl. X79)I am thinking it had to be your driver, cause it worked instantly, all the other drivers made Windows sit for a while thinking about it. AWESOME WORK MY FRIEND!!! Cheers!!!
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    @ Fernando 1 I DUNNO IF IT WAS YOUR MODDED DRIVERS OR WHAT I DID BUT IT WORKED!!! What I did: Turned OFF the EPU switch (Reason: Between the time it said "Setup is starting Windows", I noticed it took a while for it to actually start looking for a drive. Which during that time the HDD's sounded like they SPUN DOWN/Turned off) Deleted the RAID array. Created a NEW raid array and named it RAID1 Ensured RAID Volume was first boot Priority. Deleted "Slipstreamed" Folder on desktop Ran nLite using your modded Textmode driver. At that point after i burned the new Slipstreamed XP boot CD, ran it on the machine, and when it said "Setup is starting Windows", instead of the long wait, it IMMEDIATELY went to the "Press F8 to Agree" screen!!!! So, like I said, I don't know if it was your drivers that did the trick or the combination of that and the EPU switch, Either way.... I GOT IT INSTALLED!!! Wish I had done this 5 weeks ago!!! AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!
  3. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    @Fernando1 In my RAID utility (ctrl-i) (ill have to try and take a pic of it later) It shows my volume (Volume0) created, and under the column of "BOOTABLE" it is set to "YES" Below that shows the two drives both show as "Member-disk" The RAID Driver pack I got was on PAGE 1 of this topic. It was in a 7Z format and I extracted it to my SD card. So when I use nLite, I find it in the SD drive, and it shows the two .INF files. When the popup for the drivers (textmode option selected) comes up I can see two (2) .INF files 1)iaAHCI 2)iaStorA It doesn't matter which one I choose both show the same four (4) options: 1) Intel C600 Series SAS (SATA something) Controller 2) Intel C600 Series SAS Controller 3) Intel C600 Series SATA AHCI Controller 4) Intel C600 Series SATA RAID Controller I only choose option 4 to Integrate into the CD. And I have tried both (from iaStorA and iaAHCI) to no avail. I have not modified that driverpack in anyway other than extracting it. Wouldn't know how anyways. I will try to delete and create the RAID1 array again. Would it be fine to change the name of the volume? Reason I ask is, I have tried a few times deleting and creating RAID array with various sizes thinking it was WIN XP that couldn't read a large drive? So rather than the DEFAULT: Volume0 change it to say Volume8? I have also tried creating multiple volumes. Thank you fernando! Your help is very much appreciated!!!
  4. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    First off, thanks Fernando for the quick reply. So I have followed all the (applicable XP 64bit) instructions on Page 1. I have integrated only 1 textmode driver which is the, iaStorA>Intel C600 Series SATA RAID Controller. I then proceeded into the BIOS and found my RAID array (Intel Volume0) and made it FIRST BOOT PRIORITY, saved and exited the BIOS. And now into the install... It gets as far as "Examining 906128 MB Disk 0 at ID 1 on iaStorA..." And same result, "Setup could not find any hard disks installed in your computer..." I then tried moving the CD ROM to the Marvell port, but all I get is the BSOD when setup is starting Windows. I then tried to attempt to integrate iaAHCI>Intel C600 Series Chipset SATA RAID Controller Unfortuantely the same result. I don't know what I am missing, there was a post from a person on Page 65 with roughly the same board with an nicer processor 64GB RAM and was able to install XP 64bit SP2 with AHCI. I would assume installing with RAID would be not much different other than creating an array. Is there anything else you can think of? Thank you very much.
  5. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi Fernando or anyone who is reading this (any help would be much appreciated), I was just reading thru a few of these posts, and I apologize if you have already posted something about it, but there is a lot of material here. I am trying to integrate drivers into Windows XP Pro 64-bit to install on a new build (no floppy) using RAID1. I have changed the SATA configuration to RAID, and have created my Volume and the disks show they are bootable. My motherboard is a ASUS P9X79 PRO. I have found the drivers on the mobo CD (XP_64bit folder on the CD) (Intel C600) The mobo manual states XP 64bit can install onto RAID. Now with the install. As the setup files load up, I see the driver loaded for the Intel C600 Raid controller installed, which lead me to believe that it is in there now. however, it gets to the point where it is says "Examining Disk..." After a few moments the next message comes up, "Examining xxxxxxxxx MB Disk 0 at ID 1 on bus 6 on iaStorA..." (xxxxxxxxx = the number in MB's. I don't remember the exact numbers) After that sequence it proceeds to tell me "No hard drives are installed on the computer. Please ensure cables are..." I am confused. How is it it was reading the disk, telling me what size it is amongst other things then tell me there isn't one installed? Ive been at this for the last 4-5weeks. Ive done online support chat with ASUS with no avail. Ive used both iaAHCI and iaStorA .inf files using RAID and AHCI controllers individually as well as put both on the same CD. Tried different SATA configurations switching from AHCI and RAID. Tried different capacity RAID volumes. Tried the updated SATA drivers for Win XP 64bit from ASUS' website. All stop at the same point: No hard disks installed. Are the drivers not loading? I did remember reading something about making the drives First Boot Priority, as well have the Marvell 6Gbs ports as well but I haven't tried that yet. System: Asus P9X79 Pro i7-3820 16GB Corsair Vengence 2x 1TB Seagate Barracuda GeForce 610 2GB Again, ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated. Also, from what I have read at Microsoft' site, Service Pack 2 is the highest and only Service pack available for Win XP Pro 64bit. Just reading a post Fernando posted on about v.12.x.x.xxxx and how RAID is not supported yet. My question to Fernando is, the link on PAGE 1, will that version SUPPORT RAID? (I haven't tried slipstreaming the version on page 1 yet either)