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  1. Yeah, at least not what I expect from a VM. Makes me really wonder if I'm the only one that tries to run Win95 on a AMD machine with VMWare. It even is a supported guest OS on VMWare. I think I have to report the problems to VMWare. At least they know then about the problems.
  2. Sorry for the late answer. Yes, the above mentioned happens on the AMD machine. I haven't tested it on the Intel machine because I only got one 9.0 license and I'm not planing on upgrade the 6.5 on the Intel to 9.0.
  3. The topic is fine, it describes the problem well. One more addition: I can rule out the VMTools. It is the same with Tools 6.0.1 as with Tools 9.0.2 (in fact the real version is 7.[something])
  4. It seems now I'm in a total loss: I upgraded to VMWare Workstation 9.0.2 (the latest) and have redone all my steps. Win95 now boots and everything looks nice. SiSoft Sandra now shows some more accurate results: ... BUT when I make a snapshot inside Win95 and try to restore it at a later time VMWare (or better the Win95-VM) just freezes. It doesn't react to mouse (in fact it doesn't even show the mouse pointer), keyboard and even commands from the VM GUI (like CTRL-ALT-DEL, Suspend, Power off). I have to kill the VMWare-vmx.exe to kill the VM and then start the VM anew and Win95 works again (after running Scandisk ...). Anyone with Win95b and the same VMWare version can verify this?
  5. Some update: I tried to install it on Virtual PC 2004 and it worked, however some program I heavily use, does not work in the virtualized environment where it worked in VMWare 6.5 (on the Intel machine). So now I have to ask my boss about getting a upgrade for VMWare to 9.0 and hope it works there also on the AMD machine.
  6. I have already thought about installing it on the real machine. But I'm not so sure this will work because, I think, Windows 95 does not know how to handle the motherboard, onboard sound & graphics, ... and I'm almost certain there are no drivers for Win95 for that hardware Yeah, that would be an option, I will think about that. On the other hand, VPC is a dead software with no future support. But just for testing purpose it really could be an option.
  7. Hello LoneCrusader, thanks for your reply. Before I posted on the forum I already did some extensive testing. Both test images (on the Intel Core and the AMD X2) are identical, NTKERN = 4.03.1213 I tried a clean install on both, only the Intel Core works. What I did now is somewhat interesting: I took the working Intel Core image, made a snapshot inside Win95 and transferred the whole thing to the AMD machine and loaded the snapshot, I was inside Win95, rebooted on the AMD again and same error. But while I was inside Win95 I made some benchmark with an old SiSoft Sandra install. This is kinda surprising: CPU and especially FPU is way off. P-Rating is 0 on the AMD and more correct on the Intel machine. So I can only assume it has something to do with the old VMWare version?
  8. Hi everyone. I wanted to transfer my old Win95 installation to a virtual machine. I have VMWare Workstation 6.5. For the hardware version I choose 5.x because I read this would be best for Win95. I used the CPU95FIX patch, the Windows version is Win95 B with USBSupplement It worked on a Intel Core i5-2320 CPU at 3000 Mhz but it gives me a NTKERN error on a AMD Athlon X2 4850e at 2500 MHz! I even tried a new installation, the output is the same: Fine with Intel, not working with AMD. Anyone can confirm this or even better have a fix for that?
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