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  1. device connected select program menu on system startup

    Yes it an Old Intel CS630 USB Webcam. You are on the right trail for the device connected menu and I have set the memory storage to take no action auto play to the same and am still getting the empty menu every startup. If comes from somewhere but where
  2. I am running Windows 8 Professional and using an Intel CS630-XP Webcam that I made Compatible with XP in Windows 8 as I did previously in Windows 7. I have been trying 2 different OCR Programs, Abby Fine Reader and Omnipage. Initially every time my Computer started since Installing them it showed 2 Menu Pop Ups ( while the PC is still loading) that show Device Connected for my Intel CS630 Webcam Storage with a Choice to Select a Program to use for it, showing Abby Fine Reader or Omnipage as the Choices. Why I get 2 Menu Screens, I have no idea. I don't wish to use either so I click Cancel on each Menu each time. There is no choice in the Menu to choose None or dismiss them so that they don't come back again on the Next Start up. In an effort to find out what is triggering the 2 Menus on Start up in order to stop them from occurring, I have checked all My Start Up and Start Menu Folders and have been unable to find any reference to them. I have checked both the Abby Fine Reader and Omnipage Programs for an Option to stop the Menu's on start up, no luck. I have run Tuneup Utilities,Taskmanager Start up, Win Patrol, CCleaner Normal Mode and on Start up, Hijack this Normal Mode and on Start up,Process Explorer, I have searched with JV16 for Registry Entries by Name and checked all Logs including my Spyshelter Log. No Luck. I have checked in Services and Group Policies besides checking out many Start up Programs Websites. I haven't still have been unable to find what is triggering the Select Program Menu for my Intel CS630 Webcam as yet to stop them from starting up with my PC. I did rename, then delete the icm10blk.sys Image Storage Driver in Windows/System 32/drivers which removed the 2 entries (Abby Fine Reader and Omnipage) that were there to select from but the Menu still comes back, although empty now, each time on start up. I think its a registry entry but which one ? or its built into the .exe or .sys file. I ran Resource Hacker on CS630-XP.exe but it showed nothing relevant. I hid all Microsoft Services in msconfig unchecked the top half of other services rebooted, same thing. I unchecked the bottom half and rebooted , same thing. It is whatever triggers a menu to select a program for my Intel CS630 webcam that is the problem. After renaming icm10blk.sys the entries to select are gone but I am still getting the context menu popups on startup, Sometimes 1, often 2 of them and occasionally now 3 of them. Now it says no device description at the top of the menus instead of CS630 Image Storage, so its whatever triggers those "device connected" menus that I need to stop on startup. I have never had a problem with Start ups that I couldn't solve before but this one is giving me fits. Does anyone know how I can stop those Select Program Menu's from occurring on Start up, or a way that I can add Select none to the Menu's to choose which may stop them ? I hope someone can figure it out. They have a trigger but where is it, and how do I stop it ? Wayne