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  1. Ok i solved my problem. Although ahci modus(BIOS) was activated during my win7 installation, my os failed to install/activate the msahci drivers, so my attached ata ssd+hdd ran in ide mode. Now i manually installed the amd sata ahci drivers from my hardware vendor(gigabyte= and now everything is running smoothly and my os start within half the time
  2. I think i found the problem: <phase name="bootStart" startTime="31" endTime="41599" duration="41568"> <pnpObject name="PCIIDE\IDEChannel\4+d21defa+0+0" type="Device" activity="Start" startTime="1230" endTime="27747" duration="26517" prePendTime="26517" description="IDE-Kanal" friendlyName="ATA Channel 0"/> <pnpObject name="PCIIDE\IDEChannel\4+d21defa+0+1" type="Device" activity="Start" startTime="27747" endTime="41007" duration="13260" prePendTime="13260" description="IDE-Kanal" friendlyName="ATA Channel 1"/> but how to solve this ? my etl
  3. Hey guys, after some usage of my google skills i found this forum to get some help. Since i've reinstalled my win7 with a new ssd+new hdd, I've got some problem with my win7 startup. Now it took roundabout 60sec for booting. I ran the xbootmgr to analyze my problem. After reading through the xml file i was surprised by this line. <interval name="PreSMSS" startTime="0" endTime="41975" duration="41975"> <perProcess> <perProcessCPUUsage name="Idle" time="41427" percentOfInterval="98.69"> <cpuUsage priority="0" time="41427" cumulativeTime="41427" ofProcess="100.00" ofInterval="98.69" cumulativeOfProcess="100.00"/> </perProcessCPUUsage> Does this mean my CPU idle 40sec before doing anything usefull ? When yes why ? Some seconds ago i looked into my pc and there is realy no dwarf whos is saying "nananana nananana you have a ssd plz wait ..."