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  1. Problem found, there are issues in motherboard dual channel memory support, when one memory removed, it takes about 5 senconds to desktop. I had contacted the customer support to change a motherboard. Thanks for help!
  2. Tried another ssd, still boot very slow. And take the new ssd to another machine. everything goes well.Any other idea? the new trace file of new ssd on laptop and on another machine. http://sdrv.ms/X13J1N
  3. If the Iarge works for other VMs, your Crucial M4 SSD has an issue. Update the Firmware and test it with a diag tool from Crucial. I`m sure it is not caused by nlsX86cc beacause i tried with a clean and non 3rd driver and any software installtion, it still happend. I`ll try a crucial scan when back. ----------------------------------------------------- the firmware is the newest. Couldn`t find the offical diag tool,use the hd tune pro, no error found. Tried to use the offical cmd tool perform a force firmware refresh, then perform a chkdsk and sfc scan, reboot, nothing changed.
  4. None, also a clean installtion will take long time to boot up. Now I use the en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440.iso (SHA1:1CE53AD5F60419CF04A715CF3233F247E48BEEC4) set target edtion to professinalwmc with .net 3.5 enabled and integrate all hotfix(due to kb2770917 always faied install with a clean installtion).And also i remeber when i use enable feature in control panel to enable .net 3.5, when complete download, it take almost 1 hour up to finish the execution.Maybe it was caused by same reason. I had use this image on a vm running in another machine, everything goes well.
  5. http://sdrv.ms/149j7M6 the new trace file
  6. the etl file http://sdrv.ms/YCmeDW
  7. I tried remove dt. But noting changed.
  8. My win 8 laptop take long time to finish cold boot up and there are many services hang on start up.(ie: sppsvc, audiosrv and so on). The attachment is a xbootmgr trace. It`s hard for me to analysis this trace file. The only thing I know from the trace file is the cdrom.sys take long time to start but there is not cd rom/dvd romr in my laptop summary_boot.xml