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  1. hello, i have 2 netbooks dot s version. i installed Windows 8 on and go to regedit as admin and search for ''Display1_DownscalingSupported''c trough F3 but it found nothing unless i search for the registery key and add a dword (32-bit) value but it also not working what do i wrong??
  2. yeah thats true where can i download the same files but then in NLD?
  3. It took awale but its going good right now
  4. hahaah i have the NLD good and this: ''07 – Using any UnZIP software, Unzip the FOLDERS inside the following * “XPBEGIN\UDC-mm-dd-yy.ZIP” to Folder “XPUPDATE” You will have a FOLDER “XPUPDATE\UDC-mm-dd-yy” 08 – Double-Click “XPUPDATE\UDC-mm-dd-yy\UDC-mm.dd.yy.bat“ This process will Download all Post-SP3 Updates and generate several Add-ons. It will ALSO self-delete the files originally un-Zip’ed.'' I have this but is this the good files?? because they says ''UDC-mm-dd-yy'' but where can i found this i search that topic but i cant found this file i download this http://xdot.tk/updates.html is this the right one? oh i see but i got this error in the cmd whats mean this? can you help me pleas
  5. whats mean this: ''03 – Download the following to folder “XPUPDATE\WMP11” * wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe * All -X- UDC "Footnote 1" WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KBn-x86-ENU.EXE files *** DO NOT download "WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB952069-v2-x86-ENU.exe"! *** KB952069 does NOT apply to WMP11! ALL OTHER files ONLY! 04 – If and ONLY IF your XP is pre-Service Pack 3'' i have an -x- UDC folder and must i copy the content of that folder to xpupdate\wm11 ? what must i here download in this step?
  6. okay but I have a question about the sentence ''Additionally, I use ONLY "-X- Updates Downloader, Checker and Add-on Creator" . '' -X- Updates Downloader I've downloaded but is ''Checker'' a program?? what is that? and Add-on Creator already downloaded. but what is ''Checker'' ??
  7. I have nlite and xp sp3 nl (dutch) and i would to integrate ALL updates to the iso. so i integrate all the hofixes downloaded from here: http://wsusoffline.net/ and open nlite to integrate hoxfixes: then go i folder xp\nl (this is my language) then i selected all the hofixes then i click on next then get i an info screen i dont no what this means i click on ok en then THIS IE8 ERROR: and then another en another fail what going on here??? :huh: can anyone helpe me??
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