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  1. hp C4280 running on Win98se

    jds Thanks again for your reply I agree with your observations on the Dot4 and photosmart. once I entered the PID for the C4200 in the inf or ini file, the usb drivers loaded. right now, my device manager has 1 Disk drives generic IDE DISK Type00 HP Photosmart C4280 3 4 Dot4Usb HPZ12 HP Photosmart C4200 series (DOT4USB) 5 6 7 Imaging Device HP Photosmart C4200 . . . 12 Other devices HPPhotosmart C4200 series Photosmart C4200 series . . . 17 Universal Serial Bus controllers . . . 18 USBHP008 Photosmart C4200 (USBPRINT) Since getting the scanner working and reading a single SD memory card, I have not worked on it very much. email sent to yahoo dot AU
  2. hp C4280 running on Win98se

    jds Thanks for the reply. The C4200 (mine is C4280) is a Photosmart. printer. Print, flat bed scaner, with built in multi card reader,---USB interface only. No FAX or telephone interface (RJ11) I would bet the USB stack would work. I still have not back tracked to find out what INF or INI files I modified to get my Photosmart C4200 on line. What I did was fine the C4100 and C3100 drivers for XP and 2000, and the C4200 drivers for XP all currently on HP's download site. reading the setup .ini files and tracking down, I found the listings for the C4200 series ini and inf files (HP Photosmart C4200 series) and added the definitions to the C4200 every where the C4100 was listed. I think the trick (in my case) was entering the correct vid &pid for the C4200. it seems both the C4100 and C4200 use the same drivers for XP so it made sence the would use the same drivers for Win98 I still have some issues with the fonts in HP SCANNING (HPQSCNVW.EXE but I am still working on it. Some of HP's Windows 2000 installations have all of the software for Win98 still inside. They just do not have the definitions for the current products to self identify under Win98. Hence the hack. PS Thanks again for the offer of the drivers jds.
  3. well so far have managed to get most of the functions to work on the C4280. Beating the system into submission I can read a SD memory card and scan an image at 200dpi 8.5x11. I still have 2 "Other devices" listed in the device manager 1 HPPhotosmart C4200 series 2 Photosmart C4200 series. I have not tried to print (bad, old or empty print cartridges) Yet I do have the Dot4USB HPZ12 loaded and showing and the HP Photosmart C4200 listed in the Imaging Device with USBHPO08 listed with Photosmart C4200 (USBPRINTER) showing after the USB controllers. what I did (I THINK) was to edit the ini file in the AiO_071_000_201_000_CDA_Default-Express_NonNetwork_AmericasEuro1.exe to include the C4200. The definitions came from the current HP (mar 2013) download from HP for the C4200 series Photosmart Printers. Still need to clean up my notes a bid Just wanted to let others know there is a way