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  1. Corrupt split BKF file!

    Thanks for sharing this software. I've read about it, it seems to be nice here. Just downloaded its demo and going to check it. Hope everything will be alright here.
  2. Corrupt split BKF file!

    I've tried this. The first link given by you can be opened but didn't work at all, but the other one is not even getting opened. I really didn't understand. May you please go in little depth, since technically I'm not that good? Thanks. No, my Symantec backup exec is working nicely. I have some other BKF files which are saved inside my Pendrive. They can be easily opened as well restored by using the same backup exec. File corruption seems to be the possible cause. I searched some third-party recovery software, there were many but hardly anyone supports Symantec backup recovery. Any help. By using my Symantec backup exec. I've already tried to catalogue my files, but still no luck. Any help?
  3. Corrupt split BKF file!

    I can't restore my data from my BKF files, even I'm not able to open them. I'm using Symantec Backup Exec 12 and have used the same to create my backup files. Are they corrupted? I haven't received any corruption error yet. Whenever I try to open any of those files system starts hanging. Then I have to cancel from Task manager. I have asked some technical experts about this issue and I was told that the files are corrupted by them. Any help would surely be appreciated. Thank you all.
  4. Hello Forum Members

    Hey to all. I'm new to MSFN forums. I want to help others and be helped by others, that's my key objective. Hope I shall enjoy my stay on this forum. Thank you. Regards.