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  1. USB Midi help

    Yea the I-Opener does not really lend it's self to 'upgrades'. The specs are: FoxConn mobo with VIA chipset, intergrated Cyberblade i& graphics driving a 10"LCD, SoundMax AD1881 AC97 intergrated sound. 1 IDE header, no ISA or PCI or nothing.. Ports: 2x serial, 1 Parallel, 2x USB. All this packaged into a single unit on a stand; kind of like a laptop without the keyboard half! It's main saving grace to me, is the compact size; very portable. Back in the day, when there was a community of hackers, never heard of XP running well. Most installed Linux or Win98. So it's not the best choice if you want an easy time, but I do like it very much with the upgrades. Really think it would be cool to use it with a midi keyboard as a virtual synth. Yogi
  2. USB Midi help

    Hi All, Very cool site, very glad I found it! I've got a question and would like to hear from all, especially anyone with experience. I am reviving and old project, a hacked I-Opener running W98SE. Hardware-AMD K6 ][+ @ 400MHz, 256K ram, 8G HDD. I had hacked it >10 years ago, but it hasn't been used for a long time. Recently I've been trying to set it up as a chiptune workstation This system is very much like a laptop in that you can't change too much of the hardware, SoundMax AC97 integrated. Sooo, I'm looking into midi options. So far I think my options are: Parallel or Serial port midi interfaces, I.E. Midiman PC/S or such with manufacture's drivers USB midi interfaces, M-Audio Midisport, manufacture's drivers for W98. There are allot of new USB devices, but they rely on USB Audio Class compliant drivers, which are missing in Win98. Does anyone know if there is anyway to patch 98 to support this? I have applied nusb311 to great success for mass storage, but it doesn't enhance USB audio/midi. Anyone know of a way? Thanks, Yogi
  3. New/old interest in Win98SE

    Hi all, Ran into this great site when trying to setup an old I-Opener I hack 10 years ago. It's setup with Win98SE on a AMD K6 ][+ with 256K and hacked BIOS. Lot of fun hacking it back in the day, but wasn't used to much. Fast forward to NOW, I've been trying to set it up with some of the old music trackers, very interested in chiptunes ATM. Been looking for a solution to allow USB midi native support, most new USB Midi interfaces rely on USB Audio class compliant drivers, which is not an option with Win998. Anyway, interested to hear from any and all Yogi