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  1. I successfully completed the steps and its still not recognized in bios. I'm wondering if it's even the bsy error now. I'll describe the problem in a little more detail in case anyone has a clue as to what is wrong. 1. About a month ago I started having problems loading windows 8. It would freeze up and take about 30 minutes to an hour to load, then would run fine after that. 2. The PC started acting as if no hdd was installed. it spins up fine and makes no strange noise but cant be seen in bios. 3. I tried changing the cables and tested a new hdd to check if the problem was with something else, Everything worked fine so I assume the problem is with the hdd. 4. From my internet research, I find that my model/firmware is affected with the bsy error. I assume that's what it is since the symptoms closely resemble bsy error symptoms. 5. I successfully completed the steps to unbrick the drive and its still not being detected. If anyone has any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated. I'm wondering if maybe i should try unbricking it again?
  2. I got to the point where it says user partition format and accidently jostled the hdd, a bunch of letters started appearing so i tried again. the second time I was successful but it still is not recognized in bios. Did I break it on the first attempt or Is there a way to recover the data or even just make the hdd usable again?