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  1. Hi guys, I've been at this for weeks now, trying to make a multiboot usb that actually works. I've tried all the most common tools, like SARDU, XBOOT, setuptousb, plus various bastardised versions of hirens boot cd, and messing with menu.lst. I've tried BartPE, regular PE, EasyBCD, and nothing works as it should. Whenever I create these multiboot usb sticks, most of the time they partially work. I'll get it to load into the windows setup, but then it'll say some crap about there not being a cd/dvd driver, which I know is rubbish. What I want to create, is a single usb stick (64Gb, NTFS) that contains installers for Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bit), can run the Windows Defender Offline (Both 32 and 64 bit) and that I can then save programs to. The most success I've had, was with installing WinPE to a usb stick (16Gb, formatted to Fat32) then copying everything on that stick to the 64gb stick formatted NTFS. I had to manually copy the 32 bit WinPE Boot.wim to the sources folder, renamed it boot32.wim, and edited the BCD using easybcd. Amazingly, this worked, and I could boot from the boot menu to both 32bit and 64bit WinPE. So, I added folders for Win8x86 and Win8x64. I then again used easybcd to add the windows 8 boot.wim's from the relevent folders. In easybcd, the entries looked like this... Entry #2 Name: Windows 8 32Bit BCD ID: {c389edc0-9982-11e2-be6f-00261871d9b8} Device: [boot]\Win8x86\sources\boot.wim Bootloader Path: \Windows\System32\Boot\winload.exe Entry #3 Name: Windows 8 64Bit BCD ID: {d894c4d9-9982-11e2-be6f-00261871d9b8} Device: [boot]\Win8x64\sources\boot.wim Bootloader Path: \Windows\System32\Boot\winload.exe I also added the boot.wim (renamed to wdo64.wim) for windows defender offline in the same way, so that was also an option to boot. This worked perfectly, even with AHCI turned on in the bios of my test laptop, the installers for windows would run correctly, the WDO would run correctly without saying the definitions were out of date. So... at this point I thought woot, I've finally got it sorted. So I added win7aio and Vistaaio folders to the usb stick, then went to add the boot.wim's the exact same way I had for windows 8 and Windows Defender Offline. Plug it in to my test laptop and start the installer for vista... Oh, the vista installer is doing that damned 'no drivers' thing again. Nevermind, I'll check win7. Same thing. Well, at least I know win8 is working... Nope. Now the whole usb stick is screwed. Not working. I think balls to it, and start again from scratch, following exactly what I did before. This time, I install winpe64, test it, it appears to work. Copy win8 32 and 64 the same way I did last time, No stupid drivers. Can anyone give me some voodoo or something to make this damned thing work as it should? I'm not asking for something difficult... a multiboot usb. Why is it being so difficult for me?