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  1. I tried the specialize pass however it gave me the same prompt. So I tried it from the beginning in Windows PE pass. <settings pass="windowsPE"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <UserData> <AcceptEula>true</AcceptEula> <FullName></FullName> <Organization></Organization> <ProductKey> <Key>FJ82H-XT6CR-J8D7P-XQJJ2-GPDD4</Key> </ProductKey> </UserData> After hours of work, it was the simplest thing... oh well Thanks for your help
  2. Hey everyone, I'm creating a unattended installation for Windows 7 x32 and x64. Basically, I wanted to create an unattended install answer file and stick it on a usb along with the windows 7 builds. When it loads up, I just select the Windows version I want and come back to it when it is done. There is just one part where it gets stuck, waiting for user input and its at the end of the installation. Just near the end of the configuration it asks for a product key and to automatically activate Windows even though I have specified to skip product key, disabled auto activation and have also included a KMS key for Windows 7 Pro. When I click Next or Skip button it will continue, however I do not want to have to do this every time I do an installation. I have also tried moving the location of product key from MS Shell Setup to OOBE; I have tried without a product key entered, and tried with a KMS key. The answer file is called "autounattend.xml" so I'm not too sure where its going wrong. I have attached the file because it is pretty long. autounattend.xml