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  1. I build a pc and my computer screens seem to restart while my computer is still on. then when they restart they have something weird on them. i have to restart pc to be able to see anything. I have two monitors could they both be failing at the same time or is it my gpu? how can i tell which one is not working?
  2. its getting really annoying before the interrupts would stop after 15-20 min after i start my computer now its over 2 hours and its still doing it.
  3. its nothing major just that if im on the web or in game it just seems like i have a pop up. it just deselects what im on. if im in game fullscreen it minimizes it
  4. driver was updated and even uninstalled it and was still having same problem.
  5. hope this works https://www.dropbox.com/s/nyb0x2gccub7km0/DPC_Interrupt.zip?m
  6. heres my .zip file please tell me if its correct. https://skydrive.live.com/#cid=1ECFB4674FDF77EB&id=1ECFB4674FDF77EB%21105
  7. it says my file is too big to upload zipped
  8. I dont understand at all. i do what you say and its not working. i downloaded what you said to download even tho it says for windows 8 and i use windows 7. i tried to find it for windows 7 but it wouldnt work. when i go to were i save the DPC_Interrupt.etl it sends me to windows performance analyzer and there is no graph that says dpc interrupt. i have a graph that says dpc/isr. how can i show you what i am seeing. also i did this xperf -I DPC_Interrupt.etl -a fileversion > fileversion.txt to see if i can see whats wrong in txt but it says unknown module on side even tho i clicked load symbols. LatenctMon says that hal.dll and ataport.sys are the main problems. please help
  9. In ur first post you said latencyMon was same as the txt file. i cant get .etl to work. heres a screenshot of my latencymon please tell me if this helps. i will retry to get .etl to work