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  1. 50sec to Start screen.
  2. Problem solved. I wrote simple tool that do scan and remove unused keys (with exclusions of default keys and keys with existing paths). I used WinPE to clean hive. I loaded bloated hive (it was loading about 10min too) and used my tool. It removed 4300000+ keys in total. Then I reexport this hive into new file to reduce size and defragment hive, (now it weight 150mb). After this just replaced bloated hive by new one. Now all is good . .blf and .regtrans-ms files I just removed (they not affectted on boot time) I think that reason of problem was glitched spooler servise (one time i found that it eat my cpu, may be it was installing phantom printer drivers that created these junk keys). Big thanks for all.
  3. It will be easier for me to write small tool for clean registry and use it with livecd... I have lot of big software installed, and restoring all can kill much time...
  4. Found lots of wrong keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\PnpLockdownFiles\ with %SystemRoot%/system32/spool/DRIVERS/ paths... will try to clean it...
  5. Ouch... Looks like i found problem.. I have a lot of "DRIVERS{...}.TM.blf" files in config registry folder (36000+!!), and my SOFTWARE puffed up to 1.2GB! WTF!?? It is possible to fix this without reinstall system?
  6. done... https://www.dropbox.com/s/a850p0sx4qjhmqy/boot_BASE%2BCSWITCH%2BPOWER%2Bprofile_1.7z
  7. I tried to clean autostart. No difference. This problem occured even in safe mode boot. 472 is thread of "System" process (pid 4). And how i can kill process in booting?
  8. Hi all. Usually I discover solutions for my problems myself... But this confused me. This happens with normal boot (or restart). System stuck at booting with logo and rolling dots almost for 10 minutes, with some cpu load and no HDD activity, then boots up normally. It begins about month ago, I dont know when and after what. I use only sleep and hibernation, reboot only after updates and BSODs (sometimes it crash when going to sleep, thanks for nvidia). I can't google something similar problems. In trace I found that one thread (472 in this trace) in System process starts after autochk end, and stuck for large time, and booting resumed after it ends. I tried to uninstall AV, and tried to disable autochk, but no success. HDD is good too. Fast boot working good, but it not needed for me... .etl file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/38ylwjcdgumr7gt/boot_BASE%2BCSWITCH%2BDRIVERS%2BPOWER_1.7z Can someone help me? PS: Sorry for my bad english. summary_boot.xml