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  1. With the /WAIT parameter? Even if it does, let me rephrase previous post as "a black box will either open (and remain open until you terminate the "target" program) or flash briefly on the screen, to avoid that use nircmd, INSTEAD" jaclaz I'm really not familiar with windows scripting/programming but I have PHP knowledge so I added the /MAX parameter after /WAIT using some logic. Now when I double click on .ai or .eps file the black box opens and remains open until the program completely processes/opens the file. After few seconds, once the file is opened and editable the box DISAPPEARS AUTOMATICALLY. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to function but it's serving the purpose perfectly!
  2. Okay, http://www.squidoo.com/open-illustrator-files-in-maximized-window I'll edit the squidoo post tomorrow and link back to this discussion for compensation... Yes, it opens the command prompt window but once the file opens it disappears. Thanks again!
  3. http://ss64.com/nt/start.html jaclaz jaclaz you're the MAN! Simple answer to a simple question! As promised, here's why I needed this... squidooDOTcom/open-illustrator-files-in-maximized-window I don't want to include the the full link as it would be considered as spam and retyping the answer would be annoying. Before you might think there must be a simpler solution for this... well, there is not! Googled it and people are reporting this problem to no avail. Thank you everybody!
  4. E X A C T L Y!!! At last.... There is nothing fishy to it because I know this can be done simple. As I promised I'll tell you what is it for once solved. I just want to save myself from answers such as "why don't you try this and that instead...". For example, I'm a PHP developer. I can call test.php indirectly by including it to info.php and calling http://www.example.com/info.php. I don't know why is this so hard to understand. It does not have to be strictly a .exe file. I want to know how to call notepad.exe when double clicking on a .txt trough a second .exe, .bat or whatever...
  5. You don't seem to understand my issue. I don't try to replace anything. I just want to run a .exe file indirectly. I DON'T HAVE the whatever.exe file! What I need to know is how to code a whatever.exe (or whatever.bat etc...) file that when it is called it calls another .exe file.
  6. True, that's why I'm asking you or anybody here to bring him to me No, seriously I need to setup .txt files to trigger the whatever.exe (which I don't have) and redirect the request to notepad.exe.
  7. Hi jaclaz, I did not describe why because the answers would deteriorate from the question and people would post suggestions trying to solve the issue from different angles. Once solved I promise I'll describe the source of the problem. As for your answer, yes I know how to handle file associates in widows. It's just a matter of Right Click --> Open With --> Choose Program --> Tap on "Always use the selected program..." --> Select Program or browse to it... The problem is I don't have "Josh" (see my previous post).
  8. Hello, I'd like to do the following... For example, I have a file "data.txt" and by double clicking on it I'd like to send the request to another .exe, .bat, or whatever and call/redirect to the "real" .exe from there. In other words I'd like to execute the C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe INDIRECTLY and of corse I'd like for ALL .txt files to open this way. An example... I'm telling Josh to tell Joe I'm going to be late! Thank you!
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