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  1. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    I'm hoping someone here can help me as my 1500GB Seagate HD stopped working a while ago. I originally thought there was nothing that could be done, but after searching the internet I found threads like this. Originally the drive worked fine, then for no apparent reason it stopped working. When booting the drive shows a bad SMART test and I get an error to back up the drive. In the Bios the drive shows a capacity as "1500.3GBST31500341AS" which I think is just the model number rather than the capacity. The LBA mode shows "Supported". Windows will not recognise the drive at all, not even under the Disk Management section of the Computer Management program of the Administration Tools. It won't even register there is a device attached. When it first happened my XP machine would freeze if the hard disk was attached. But I could hot swap it in, where it would be recognised for about a minute and I could read some data. But would stop and freeze again after wards. I was backing my data up through this method when after trying to browse a different folder the drive stopped altogether and it can no longer be hot swapped back in. I've read a fair bit about the BSY error and the LBA 0, but I'm unsure. Can anyone tell me if it is the BSY Error or LBA 0 that my drive is experiencing or something different? Regards CC p.s. now I use both Win XP on one machine and Win 7 on another.