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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    In addition, you could carefully clean the 2nd CD (DVD?) and try again. Were the Recover "CD's" (DVD's) made from the running OS (see link #3)? Sometimes they are AND sometimes they are supplied. Also, have you tried this for Vista Recovery (HIDDEN partition)? 1 - https://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/bulletinDetail.jsp?soid=2737864&pf=true And it says so right here the same thing - 2 - http://en.kioskea.net/faq/4811-toshiba-laptop-reset-to-factory-settings There's also POTENTIALLY an F8 trick that may work (did on a Dell) - 3 - http://www.geekpolice.net/t18281-toshiba-recovery-partition-hotkey-instructions A wealth of information about Recovery by Googling toshiba laptop vista recovery dvd FWIW, you MIGHT be able to get -1- the Internal Vista Key (not the COA key) and -2- a "special file" and -3- a legitimate download of THAT "Flavor" of Vista (Home, Premium, etc) and reinstall with that as a last resort. Sorry, I can't give links. -OR- see if a friend/neighbor has that flavor Vista Retail DVD. -NOTE- The COA key works with that FLAVOR Vista as well. Best to get it with SP2 Integrated, although (AFAIK) vLite would integrate SP2 for you. OMG Thank You so Much Submix8c for posting, and looking, for that link (#1) I don't know how you found that, I searched the Toshiba Forums high and Low for weeks, and never came close to such USEFUL information. I thought because the Recovery's she had came from Toshiba with her purchase, and they were useless, we were screwed..... But holding down the "0" at boot, found the (super, super) hidden Recovery Partition and I am currently downloading Win Updates for it now from the desktop!! WooHoo!! Thank you all so much. BTW.....Coincidence?? I found my XP install in my File Box tonight. LOL Go figure :<>
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    I have the original CD "oem" Cover, Paperwork, including the CD (XP) Key to activate it. But, he (the ex) switched my original CD with the one he had modified. Is there any way I can, ummmmm, UN-MODIFY his changes back to being original with the usual activation required, etc? I am not trying to do anything illegal. I can post a pic of the case, and/or upload the contents of the Extracted iso files. Actually what I am trying to do is fix my little sisters Toshiba Laptop which has Vista. I've tried countless times to do a Factory Recovery to original, but the application is not on a (say, D) Drive, but on 2 CD's, and it fails on CD #2 each time. Cannot upgrade, because it also fails. So I thought I could try going backwards (XP) but that was before I discovered my stupid Ex boyfriend took my original XP CD, along with his stuff last year. If you feel this is in any way, not legit to do, no worries. Thanks for your time anyways. Take care, Patti
  3. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi Fernando, 1st Thank You! You are so awesome, to share your knowledge, and drivers (with clear instructions) with others! I have a Genuine XP Pro CD with pre-installed SP-2, but it was modified (by my Ex..) so not to require Activation when installing. It works, I can verify that fact. But,I do not have my "original" CD, since he took it with him when we split-up. Anyways, following your excellent instructions, using your ICH8M package, all went well. But, after I "Press any key to run Setup from CD" it goes to a screen to Select OS? Of course the only option there is the pre-existing Vista. I am sure it has something to do with the Boot file, which is in brackets [ ] and the very first file from extracted iso. Do you know what I did wrong, or need to do? I hope so. Hugs from Vegas, Patti