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  1. Application install (push) for Windows 7?

    Great news...finally! After reveiwing the link provided and doing some further reading/testing our team was able to utilize the WAIK and create an image which we used to deploy the workstations. After I became more familiar with what was out there and what we were trying to accomplish doing this manually for each workstation was the best way to go. We did not have a configured network at the time, and due to time constraints, a deployment share scenario wasnt possible. This is somthing we will implement in the future. Thanks for your assistance Tripredacus. Onto XenServer / XenCenter
  2. Application install (push) for Windows 7?

    Thanks for the reply Tripredacus...I will review the link you sent and update with the outcome/progress.
  3. Hello, As my username indicates I am a newbie to all of this so first I would like to apologize if I have posted this in the wrong area. Second, my request for help. The more id*** proof the better please. My scenario: 50 + workstations running Windows 7 Professional 64bit, SP 1(preloaded from mfg.) that need to have multiple applications/programs installed (ex. PDF, Office suite, Antivirus, etc.) My plan (if possible): I would like to prep one workstation, load all the necessary applications and updates (as necessary) and then create an image which I can push out to the rest of the workstations once they are physically placed on the network. I do understand that the updates applied to the one workstation will most likely be out of date by the time the rest are brought online. Everything I have read so far (just started reading this morning) has said to use the WAIK. But what I have seen is that this is for an automated install of Windows 7 itself. Can I still use WAIK but just for the application install? In addition to all this we will have a virtual environment coming online in the next few months so would it be best practice to wait until then? Any assitance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.