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  1. Trying to get a 7200.11 to work

    I have been doing this in linux. Repaired most of the drive. Files still have no names. Moving to another linux build to try some heavy duty tools. I am determined!
  2. Trying to get a 7200.11 to work

    I got the drive repaired to the point it is easily read. Found out the data was stored on a XFS partition. Tried xfs_repair, tried ufs explorer, nothing. Photorec gets me everything but a few missing files less the file names. I am not sure why I can't repair the xfs partition.
  3. Trying to get a 7200.11 to work

    Ran TESTDISK overnight on deepscan. Found only 1 partition, wrote that and that didn't work. Disk is still showing as three partition but 2 say unallocated space. Ran a few more recovery programs but still unable to recover any file names. This drive was from a IOMEGA NAS device and research has told me it was a linux partition. I am not sure how Linux stores files names. There is only a few bad sectors on the drive, may be that is where that info was stored? I am not sure. I know if I try to put the drive back into the NAS device, it just causes the click problem. Still can't load a linux thumb drive with the drive attached, it causes it to freeze.
  4. Trying to get a 7200.11 to work

    Thanks. The files disk internal recovered were openable in word, etc. Everything seemed intact. The meta data info is good. I'm doing this for a non-profit that does not have any money or insurance for a pro data recovery service. I completely understand I could be doing more harm that good. Once I get all files onto the new drive, be it missing files names and directories, I am going to try DataRescue again for an image.
  5. Trying to get a 7200.11 to work

    I let diskinternals run all night and it found everything but missing file names. Started running DataRescue for an image but all I get is read errors/CRC.
  6. Trying to get a 7200.11 to work

    Thanks. I'm trying Diskinternals. I couldn't let it search for partitions as it just caused the "click" and SATA reset error. Currently it has found 300k files plus folders. Tried running TESTDISK but was taking forever, 1 hour to go 1%. I have patience but not 4 days worth. I really think everything data wise is fine, just the MBR/Partition table is destroyed. Not sure how to restore it.
  7. Alright I have a 7200.11 that went into the BSY state. Followed the wonderful directions listed. It didn't go perfectly smooth - first try was unable to clear smart and I couldn't get the partition rebuild to work. But now I am able to "see" the drive in windows, in drive manager but I can't mount it nor do anything to it. If I try loading Parted Magic boot loader it freezes if the drive is attached. Most drive recovery software causes the drive to "click" and do a sata reset. Now I found a program that so far has been doing a good job at seeing the data. Problem is it can't recover file names so all I get is file000.ext. I've tried re-doing the m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 command, it completes in 0 seconds. Doesn't do anything. Now I know I have the data, be it in a poor way, so that I am happy for. Does anyone have any recommendations on rebuilding it so I can access it via Linux or Windows and get file names? It was a EXT3 partition I believe, it was from a Iomega NAS device.