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  1. How to Change the Color, Size, and Font of Individual Window Elements To change the font, size, or colors of individual Window elements, follow these steps: 1. Right-click an empty area of your desktop, and then click Properties. 2. Click the Appearance tab, and then click Advanced. 3. In the Item list or in the preview window, click the Window element that you want to change. You can select from any of the following items: 3D Objects Active Title Bar Active Window Border Application Background Caption Buttons Desktop Icon Icon Spacing (Horizontal) Icon Spacing (Vertical) Inactive Title Bar Inactive Window Border Menu Message Box Palette Title Selected Items ToolTip Window 4. Do any of following to achieve the look that you want: NOTE: Not all options for all Window elements are available. For example, the Font option appears dimmed and is unavailable for elements in the Item list that do not display text.• Under Item:• In the Size box, specify the size that you want to use for the item. • In the Color box, specify the color that you want to use for the item. • Under Font:• Click the font that you want to use for the item. • In the Size box, specify the font size. • In the Color box, specify the color that you want. • To apply a bold font, click B. To italicize the font, click I. A preview of your current settings is displayed in the preview window. 5. When you are finished making the changes that you want, click OK twice to save your settings. NOTE: • If you click Window in the Item box, and then modify the font color for that item, the automatic font color that is available in many programs is also modified. Any documents that use the automatic font color are affected if you change this setting. Many programs, including WordPad and Microsoft Word, use automatic as the default font color. Any new documents that you create in these programs use the new font color that you select for the Window item. To use a different default font color in programs that use automatic as the default font color, you may be able to create a template that uses the font color that you want as the default font color, and then use that template instead of the default template. For information about how to do this, view the documentation that is included with the program, or contact the program manufacturer. • As you modify items, note their appearance in the preview window. Note that you must use the same font and size for the Active Title Bar and Inactive Title Bar items, and that bold or italic selections for either item are applied to both items. If you choose a desktop theme after you change fonts or colors, the fonts and colors for that desktop theme override your selections.
  2. my server is only 2 cpu's with HT 3.0 zeon it is showing 4 cpu's does anyone here know why? is this normoal
  3. ChunkDog, thank you very much it worked great.
  4. DOes anyone know how to delete some pub folders that someone placed on my ftp. I forgot to turn off the annyomous user and they added some folders to my ftp root thx here is example C:\Inetpub\ftproot\ \ prn.hsp.laserjet \ com6 \ nul \ lpt8 \o0 by aLbErToFu 4 emuwarez.org 0o
  5. I bet he is talking about the WGA mod to the custom dll file
  6. From all the programs I used. I think CANOPUS PROCODER V2 is one of the best. It works great! Skunny
  7. I really don't how to but this. But Think someone here will understand me. I do this COmputer, Install stuff 24/7. This Website "MSFN" Has Ousshed way furter then I ever have before. It is really hard to learn on your own and not have other people there that understand this Windows/PC/Tech stuff. It's Just Something we have. I just wanted to thanks big time for all the info. It is the ture sorce for me. Thanx, Skunny

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