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  1. Hello, I finally had some time to install Windows2000-UpdateRollup2-x86-ENU.exe. I then got to the MSVCRT.DLL that was installed, and copied it to an XP host. Versioning I found is 6.1.9848.0 (and also called 6.10.9848.0). I used "depends" from XP to look at it, and I do not find "_resetstkoflw" in the extracted MSVCRT.DLL. As a matter of fact, I did not find anything starting with "_reset...." or "reset...." entry points. Any ideas ?
  2. It should be noted that some of the programs installed have their own copy of msvcrt.dll A couple of Tivoli Endpoints Avocent IP KVM Java
  3. Lots of programs besides patches though.
  4. Without having a tool to dump the updates installed, I would have to say all updates except stuff like NetWare drivers updates, any Genuine Advantage updates, and Media player new releases. It is running IE6 SP1 (can't go higher that that for what I do). When I looked for the actual error on the Internet (see attached screen snap msvcrt-dll..png), it basically said that some program replaced msvcrt.dll with one that was missing the entry point "_resetstkoflw", and to find a good copy of msvcrt.dll with "_resetstkoflw" included, and update Windows with that.
  5. Different versions of Windows use different parameters for shutdown.exe I don't have the NT4 RK shutdown.exe easily accessible but I think the parameters may be the same as NT4 from the W2K resource kit, shutdown.exe: shutdown /l /r /y /c /l Specifies a local shutdown. (note that the parameter is the lower case letter L) /r Restart the computer specifed after shutdown. /y Answers questions with "yes". /c Forces running applications to close. Caution If you use the /c parameter, Windows 2000 ignores the application's option to save data that might have changed. You will see no File Save dialog box, because Windows 2000 will force the application to close. This will result in a loss of all data not previously saved. Other parameters: \\computername Specifies the remote computer to shut down. If no name is given but the tool is started with any of the other options, the local computer name will be used. /a Quits a system shutdown. This can only be done during the timeout period. If this switch is used, all others are ignored. /t:xx "msg" Sets the timer for system shutdown in xx seconds. The default is 20 seconds. "msg" Specifies an additional message with a maximum of 127 characters, surrounded by quotation marks. /? (or shutdown without parameters) display help.
  6. Hello, I have a VM running W2K SP4 with most patches installed, and Office 2003 (patched). Somewhere along the line some other software installation replaced "msvcrt.dll" with a version that does not have the entry point "_resetstkoflw". Could you please tell me in what KB, Rollup, or SP was the last official install of "msvcrt.dll" with "_resetstkoflw" included ? Thanks.