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  1. Hi Andre, I decided to force an "update" actually by "changing" the device and choose the option to allow me pick the device drivers manually (of course not recommended). I installed the Atheros's AR9285 drivers which the effect of removing the device "Dell Wireless 1702.811b/n/g. I now have Atheros AR9285 Wireless Adapter which has been working fine since! No Freeze ups so far and performance has been good! Thanks a lot for your patience and diligence. I hope it will continue working fine.
  2. Sorry Andre, but that is exactly what i had been doing to avail!
  3. Hi..Sorry but am at end wits!! I have down loaded the "latest" driver software for the device but even through manual (i.e. control panel>device manager>properties>update driver software>browse my computer for updated drivers) still returns the message that windows has determined that the driver software is up to date! The current version is whileas the latest driver per Atheros website is for PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_0205168C Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter device. downloaded from Atheros..Of course i had unzipped the files first. What can i do next???
  4. Thanks Andre for prompt analysis and response. I cant seem to be able to get an updated driver anywhere. Currently the (Dell Wireless Adapter 1702.802.11b/g/n) is on version of 21/04/2011. Using update driver am informed its the latest though seen somewhere on the net (Pitstop)that there is a new version of 21/03/2012??? Please help..By the way IP Help Service is disabled.
  5. I have disabled IPv6 on the wireless network connection using network sharing menus and also through regedit using instructions given on this site Disable IPv6 for Win 7 as i didnt know how uninstall it. However the problem still persists However i have realised that the freezing occurs only when connected to our office wireless network!! If am not connected or if connect using any other wireless network (hotspots for instance), or through my phone the laptop works just fine. Our office connections to the server is through wireless infrastructure and no other computer is experiencing this problem... I have downloaded to skydrive an updated WPR file as still cant figure out how to use it Skydrive 2 p.s. i had to disconnect the wireless to enable me zip file fast enough..
  6. Thanks Magic Andre. The link to the skydrive is Skydrive
  7. HI, Am an averge computer "geek". My laptop a Dell Vostro 3550 started freezing some weeks back. I tried to follow the instructions given on this forum/topic but after download of symbols i seem to get lost on what to next. Am using WPA ver 6.2.92 to do the analysis and it does not seem to have the same settings as the one used on this forum. Can anyone help! It has taken me five minutes to do this small write up due to the freezing......