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  1. nLite Add-on Maker?

    I've read many posts here regarding how to create your own add-ons to be slipstreamed into an xp install using nLite. However, every link I see that points to the Add-On Maker is dead or it points to a download source I'm not necessarily comfortable utilizing. Is there a reason that app cannot be found, or downloaded? I'm really interested in having the ability to add my own stuff into the ISO. Can you provide a reputable link where I can download it, or heck just email it to me. I know it's not that large of a file.
  2. Direct Hotfix Integration

    Thanks for the assistance. After I wrote my original post, I kept searching and found info leading me to do exactly what you suggested. Once I did that (disabled the AV), everything worked like a charm. That couldn't haven't been any more frustrating.
  3. Direct Hotfix Integration

    I've also tried using RyanVM's integrator, which also fails but I don't have specific error messages or screen shots available.
  4. Direct Hotfix Integration

    Using the latest nLite, v1.4.9.1 I keep experiencing errors such as the one attached when trying to integrate any update packs, addons, etc. I've tried RyanVM's update packs and now xable's latest update pack. Same errors. Is the issue trying to directly integrate the hotfixes? I've already slipstreamed SP3 in, since I started with a SP2 cd.
  5. Chrome msi

    Thanks for the welcome. I was actually on this forum many many years ago. I have been searching all over the place using various phrases and not once did I get that page. I'm going to try that and see how it works out. I really appreciate that link. Thank you.
  6. I'm building an unattended XP x32 install cd and have most of it completed using the latest version of nlite as of 12/2012. I'd like to have Google Chrome installed as well, so when I reboot the system for use, it's there. I do have an msi package and *think* I can utilize the "runonce" section within nlite to perform this silent install. 1) am I on the right track? 2) are there swiches for that specific msi to say no desktop icon, but create a quick launch and start menu icon? 3) can you help with the specific command line I'd need to add? If I'm making this harder than it is, please let me know. I've googled and searched this site but haven't found too much in answering my specific question.