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  1. Windows 7 folder sharing issues

    Yeah, the problem is that since the drive is encrypted until unlocked with a password, Windows cannot read it at start-up and therefore deletes the shares from its list. If I couldn't get the batch file working (which I have fully tested and is working thanks to you) my only other option would be to permanently unlock the drive. Thanks, again!
  2. Windows 7 folder sharing issues

    Thank you! I forgot to use an elevated command prompt. That is why the command wouldn't work.
  3. Windows 7 folder sharing issues

    I have an external Western Digital My Book drive connected to a Windows 7 Ultimate PC that I am using as a file server for my network. Due to the personal content on the drive I have the drive secured using the WD SmartWare software. However, this has caused a side effect. Every time I shut down or restart the server it "forgets" all of the shared folders. Windows remembers all of the shared folders on the other external drives that are unsecured so I know it is not a problem with Windows itself. What I have decided to do is set up a batch file to restore all of the shared folders and permissions that I can execute after a reboot. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting the commands to work properly. This is the command I am using: NET SHARE {share name}={path} /GRANT:{username},FULL When I enter this command I get the following "syntax" message: The syntax of this command is: NET SHARE sharename sharename=drive:path [/GRANT:user,[READ | CHANGE | FULL]] [/uSERS:number | /UNLIMITED] [/REMARK:"text"] [/CACHE:Manual | Documents| Programs | BranchCache | None] sharename [/uSERS:number | /UNLIMITED] [/REMARK:"text"] [/CACHE:Manual | Documents | Programs | BranchCache | None] {sharename | devicename | drive:path} /DELETE sharename \\computername /DELETE I have tried this command and it works: NET SHARE {share name}={path} Therefore, the problem is obviously with the user information. I would appreciate any help with this issue. P.S. I have tried entering the user as both a username and domain/username combo.