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    Ok I've got the file. I'll burn it and see what happens. Sh*t!, cdfs.sys error 32768 on line 5091 in d:\xpsp\base\boot\setup\setup.c. Still not working. I'll swap the CD reader, as I said before it was working perfectly, but who knows what the h*ll this computer wants from me... Well I managed to skip the cdfs.sys error, but now the WinPE kicks me out with IRQL BSOD. Also I've managed to get to the gui (light blue wallpaper, still can't show the graphical windows installer) before it kicks me out. I've merged the drivers with the SP2 CD, still shows the BSOD It seems to have no solution... no matter what I do, the computer won't let me run XP

    No, I don't. I've been looking around on google, but I can't find one (1.0 image, I can find a lot of 2.0 images but those are for Vista). Do you have a link to an ISO file? Edit: Well, I tried to transplant an installation (install in other computer, then change the disk), and it failed too. I'm running out of tricks...

    CAS latency is at 3 so it doesn't complain about high latency memory. Also tested another memory, same result. The ram is PC133, it's not overclocked, and it has been checked with memtest. I'm currently using 2x256mb memory for 512mb, I took out one when the system started to annoy me with the BSOD, it didn't change things so I swapped them to test each one alone, it kept showing the BSOD so I took both of them out and put an 128mb one that was in other computer working perfectly with XP, still the same. About the MS article, I already knew what the error meant, thats why I'm saying it's the chipset or mobo, it means a driver is failing, but a driver for something that is essential or not able to be turned off, network card out, usb disabled, udma disabled, sound and gameport disabled, secondary IDE channel disabled as well, AGP 2x disabled, even when using a PCI card it still kept showing the BSOD. Also caches are disabled, all of them, except the L2. And here was when I noticed something strange: apart of the system being horribly slow when the L2 was disabled, it didn't show the IRQL BSOD, it showed one about a "framebuf" file being damaged, maybe it was just unable to access it because the system was too slow. Edit: L2 is NOT damaged I tested another micro in place and produced the same result

    VGA IRQ disabled and PNP OS enabled, still BSOD. About default settings, I tried that before, but seems to have no effect. About the drivers... unless I can include them on the image, I don't think they will be of help, I can't even complete Windows XP setup, hell, I can't even boot on safe mode, it's really annoying. I think the problem is on the chipset, a lot of sites said that VIA chipsets of that time were really unstable. I wonder why 98 works out of the box, while XP doesn't... I know they have really different kernels, but both seem to operate with drivers, not from BIOS... I'll see what happens if I integrate them into the CD, maybe it works.

    About the MS article, yes, that was the article I mentioned in the first message, still, nothing happens. About the ACPI BIOS, I tried with both the default option (without pressing nothing, so it detects the ACPI BIOS) and the Standard PC option, also with the F7 option (disable ACPI), and it keeps complaining with the same message. Seems like my motherboard doesn't like XP.

    Both XP CDs are modified in order to include the service packs, the SP2 CD has been handled to me from a technician several years ago, so I don't know what did he use to add the SP2, the SP3 one has been modified by myself, I added it with a command for the SP3 installer from a Windows XP tricks book, apart from that, they haven't been modified. The win2000 CD has no service packs with it, also it has no modifications. The CDs/backup images have been tested on several other computers and VMs, everything installed from those discs always worked perfectly on all machines and VMs. Yes, the computer uses windows 98 as its primary OS, all components were tested on other machines, disks, memory, all video cards, even the CD drive was in other system prior to being used on this one. The only thing I didn't test in a different machine is the microprocessor, since this is my retrogaming PC, I used it with really cpu intensive apps for its time (Quake 3, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, etc.), so I'm sure the micro works perfectly.

    Yes, it's an AGP card too. I do have a PCI card to test with, but I don't think it will change the results. I tried with windows 2000, and it gave me the same BSOD, anyway I'll see what happens with the pci card. The XP CD is SP2, also tried with a SP3 CD, same error. Edit: Well, I put the pci card (Trident Tgui9440-2) to test the system, guess what, the result was the anticipated, BSOD with IRQL message

    I'm stuck at the second part of windows xp setup, when it boots from the disk in order to continue after essential files have been copied from cd. It doesn't matter what I do it always crashes before even showing any sign of the gui (after the windows xp logo fades). I'm running on a sy-7vba133 pentium 3 motherboard with a p3 866 mhz WITHOUT any kind of under or overclocking, my card is a geforce 4 mx440se running on 2x agp, I swapped the card after the first time it failed, with a SiS 6326 that previously worked on other machine with xp, swapped disks, memo cards, disabled integrated usb and sound, and took out my network card, the memos are checked, the disks have been tested with windows xp on other machine... I'm gonna kill that computer, I don't know what else to do, I've even followed the microsoft article about this in order to solve it and my bios is (I think) the latest they ever released for this motherboard: 2aa7, still not working. I've seen several guys on google and here with this problem but they all have it AFTER setup, I can't even complete it, those who had this problem during install provided no solution on their posts anyway... It's the classic IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000A (maybe I missed some zeros, doesn't matter anyway) BSOD, I tried several times with different configurations on the same computer, same results, when it attempts to continue setup and load the gui it crashes, same if I go into safe mode. All types of caches (BIOS, video, hard disk, L2, etc.) have been disabled in order to test, and still I get the same results, as I said before, I don't know what else to do. Edit: I've been searching on google for my chipset to see if the problem was there (is a VIA chipset, some say they where problematic those days), and I found that my southbridge, VIA 686b, likes to cause DMA problems on win2k environments (windows 2000 and XP use a similar kernel). The article sugested to disable udma in order to solve the problem, it didn't work anyway, but at least I know where the problem is. It's a VIA Apollo 133A chipset with a 686b southbridge.