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  1. To me it seems more like overheating is the symptom, not the cause. Since it can stay perfectly cool(around 35-40c) idle for hours, and return to normal temperatures after gaming. This overheating only occurs when the CPU gets stuck at 90% load which doesn't always happen after I play games.
  2. When I boot my comp and I don't have the high CPU usage issue It's around 40 when idle. Right now when It's supposed to be idle but CPU 0 is at 90% It's at 70 degrees, but thats just because I'm keeping my room like a fridge atm. Otherwise it can go up to 90c. http://www.mediafire.com/?jzzr62p4be76a5f Here is my zipped DPC_Interrupt.etl.
  3. I have a intel i5 2430m CPU, and after I watch a stream for a while or play a game, CPU 0 goes up to 100% usage. It persists at close to 100% at all times until I reboot my system. I've been loosing myself in your threads for hours upon hours now, trying to get everything to work and this is what I've come up with so far! When I try to use the "xperf -d latency.etl" command or "xperf -d DPC_Interrupt.etl" I get a message saying that events were lost and that I need to increase buffer. I really can't make sense of it anymore, I'm jumping back and forth between your threads trying to decide what problem I'm actually having. However I got the Latency Monitor to work and I compiled screenshots + the log from the test it ran there. I'm really sorry if I'm posting in the wrong thread/not showing the needed info, I just felt like I needed to get something out here Latency monitor.rar