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  1. HOSTS file modification

    @ Geej That would be a really Great idea & cool mate.. but i have people from all around the world & to translate it all into every langue's would be almost impossible. But i thank you @bphlpt I totally agree with you on this.. But you lot may get it, i do to a point. this is a hard way for me to learn & so dam embarrassing. I would of thought with all the times i came back that i was struggling with this, but i guess no one gathered that. i meant no disrespect & it's simply frustration with being Dyslexic & not being able to get my point across, i guess no one picked up on that also lol... like i said were all wired in our own Unique way & some get things better that other's. i guess i don't. thank you anyway for your reply.. @Yzöwl Yes were hmm Game hackers we make hacks to use with online games & we are in competition with each other. so Darkteam & GZM & Zerocool all add there own little tricks so if an end user use's one of there hacks & then use's mine hack, they get an Error message saying CONNOT CONNECT TO REMOTE SERVER so we have to explain that people have to delete our domain from there host file then restart our hack, then they connect i mean if there was a way to Add a file saying or names " host.allow " is that an option ? i mean if people were to add a pre-made host would this work. I'll not be expecting much help to be honest lol not now i have mentioned we make hacks. this is why its been soo dam frustrating for me. i'm able to make hacks but when it come's to a simple bloody host file. i just can not get my head round it or sort it to stop other hackers adding a block to our domain. so our end user can not use our hacks unless we teach them how to edit there host & to teach & explain this to all people around the world in so many langue's is something i just do not have time to do. i have to concentrate on my new release.. anyway to everyone i do thank you all & wish you all the best for Xmas... all the best people
  2. why do People presume we all know & think the same on a subject lol. Doh!!

  3. HOSTS file modification

    In my experience I have seen people watching videos and people looking at end results, but noone ever learning or understanding anything from them (or from them alone, i.e. without additionally reading, studying, experimenting) You can replicate the examples shown in a video alright, and a video can well be a support for learning , but understanding principles or learning a computer language syntax from a video? jaclaz @jaclaz Dude that to me is a little insensitive & Insulting. How dare you presume what i do after watching a video. I can & Do Build computer's & repair them for a living & have my own store. & very successful store to. I Can MOD a BIOS for my ASUS Mobo & tweak it to work better & i can repair the Mobos them self's. All this was done by watching video's & Experimenting. this is the best way for ME to learn. Not every one is wired the same way as every one else jaclaz , we all learn & think in our own ways. I Can use artmoney to locate addresses in programs & TrueBug.PHP.Obfuscator as well as OLLYDBG all done by video & self learnt. and asking questions. BUT sometimes people think we all think on the same level on these forums & we don't Sir we get to were we are by asking questions & sometime weather you like it or not. you will have to paraphrase your reply's so for them that don't know are able to learn & pick it up easy.. Again i thank you for you help, but it's no use leaving 4 host files in the directory this will only confuse people even more lol i'm not having a go at you, am simply standing up for my self... Simple
  4. HOSTS file modification

    this is going to sound funny. but i have made a game launcher ( But i can't make a simple cmd to delete 3 lines from a host file (hahahah ) for a game & others have made there own launcher also. BUT they have made it so it adds the lines so the End USER can't use anyone's else's but there's so when people try mine they get an error " CANNOT CONNECT TO REMOTE SERVER " So i have to tell them to Edit these 3 lines out of there HOST file. NOW the problem is NOT everybody know where or how what & Were a HOST file is, never mind how to edit one lol so i'm trying to make it simple for my user's. when they download my tool, there is a bat file or script that if they get an error message they run this script & the work is done for them. saving them the hassle & messing up there own computers.. i got it to work, but it adds 3 hosts files to the directory 1,2,3 i don't think this is the best way for simple folk to use that do not know how to edit hosts just trying what i can to help my END USER. P.S i thought something so simple would of been easy. yet i can use ArtMoney to edit my game & find addresses etc @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Again i thank you for the links to read, this will be hard, i have always learnt via video or being shown the end result.. i know i have to over come these problems & trust me i do try. Thank you
  5. HOSTS file modification

    @jaclaz Not that i don't appreciate your help & time jaclaz But you have just totally confused me to the max now. I'm NEW to making bat files & you have gone on like i understand what i'm doing lol I am also Have dyslexia along with ADHD trying to concentrate on what your trying to tell me as made this project sound even harder for me now is there some please that can help spell it out for me & put it in layman's terms for me please I'm not stupid or thick just always Have always been one of them people that as to have something shown to them. i was the same at school i had to have separate teacher.. anyway this is a little personal & Hard for me to tell people on a forum. so i hope you understand & someone can help me. thank you again Gary
  6. Hi there this script you did... could it be modded to Delete lines from the HOST FILE Normally it's just one of these lines. But i need it to look for all 3 # www.blah blah blah.org # blah blah blah.org # update blah blah blah.org And Delete all 3 And Nothing else or just one of the lines Normally the top Line.. It's a Game Launcher & if any other Launchers are used this new Launcher will Give an error " Cannot connect to remote server " Until the one or the 3 lines are deleted.. I thank you in advance to anyone that can help. Am new to writing Scripts & ,bat files or exe P.S I use Windows 8 Pro .. but it never give me the option when i joined Do i have to add DELHOST # www.blah blah blah.org DELHOST # blah blah blah.org DELHOST # update blah blah blah.org[ In Some place in the bat file i make.. please can some one help. i'm so new at bat & exe files you can still see the puppy fat round my eyes. lol We can't play the game with out manually editing the host a few times a day.. & we wish to just run a bat script to do it for us to save time.. Ok not sure were i'm going wrong but please can some one help me.. I modded the script above but it still don't delete the lines... i can make the script add the lines but not delete them here is how i modded it @echo off TITLE Modifying your HOSTS file COLOR 85 ECHO. :LOOP SET Choice= SET /P Choice="Do you want to modify HOSTS file ? (Y/N)" IF NOT '%Choice%'=='' SET Choice=%Choice:~0,1% ECHO. IF /I '%Choice%'=='Y' GOTO ACCEPTED IF /I '%Choice%'=='N' GOTO REJECTED ECHO Please type Y (for Yes) or N (for No) to proceed! ECHO. GOTO Loop :REJECTED ECHO Your HOSTS file was left unchanged >> %systemroot%\Temp\yourinstall.log ECHO Finished. GOTO END :ACCEPTED ( HERE BELOW IS WHAT I ADDED ) ECHO Carrying out requested modifications to your HOSTS file delhost www.etcetc.org >> %WinDir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts << I ADDED THIS LINE delhost etc etc.org >> %WinDir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts << I ADDED THIS LINE delhost update.etcetc.org >> %WinDir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts << I ADDED THIS LINE ECHO Finished. GOTO END :END ECHO. EXIT thank you so much people in advance Please i'm keen to learn what i can. i know it's a simple line that should be able to be goggled.. but i always come up with power shell & Linux scripts or scripts to add lines to hosts Also most people scream on about why there not using a DNS server.. i don't get it, why can't they just answer the question for these people instead of telling them how to run there systems lol Anyway Thank you .... Merry Christmas everyone also.. i wish you all the very best.. Gary (From Blackburn)