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  1. Thing is that there's no communication working to the HDD when it is assembled. I can only get communication to it when I block out the head or the motor. I know it may sound strange but this is the phenomenon I'm getting. I know my recent posts may have been lacking a bit of practical information due to me only describing the problems I was currently experiencing, but the phenomenon is basically the major thing that keeps me from accessing the HDD properly. With this in mind, I don't think I'm willing to send in other commands that could hurt the data even more. Best thing for me to do in the future with this disc is to FULLY identify the problem and get it displayed to me. If it's not possible the best thing to do would obviously be to send it to a data recovery company. I'm not sure how valuable the data is due to the disc not being my own. Either way, Thanks for the fast responses jaclaz, it is people like you who makes the internet a valuable place to consider when problems are being encountered. If I get to the point where the data gets fully recovered I will make sure to post here again on how I resolved it, as I have a few things left on my list to try. Thanks, DeejayF
  2. Alright so now I am back from yesterday. New update: Did all the steps needed except for the "optional powering down". This has been stuck here for the last 14 hours. Following the tutorials did not help me unfortunately. As you mentioned "jaclaz", it might be some other "unknown" error as well. Update 2: Alright we had another HDD with the BSY error. Following the tutorials and all I managed to solve the issue within 10 minutes with a successful outcome. So there is most certainly some other "unknown" error within the original HDD I was testing. Over and out, DeejayF
  3. Hello Jaclaz, I really appreciate your fast response. Yes indeed CTRL+Z would provide me with a new session, but nothing does happen. I cannot reaccess the interface. I was unable to do anything when re-powering the HDD, as if the terminal hanged. As said, I've gone through multiple angles when troubleshooting and the exclusion method, testing the cables and power back and forth but I was unable to find a solution. If you look at my last edit of my troubleshooting you will find that I am now stuck at another problem when trying another controller card. As the day is leading towards its end I will let this go on through the night and see where it stands tomorrow. I will continue my path of troubleshooting as well. If you have any other enquires or advice, do not hesitate to write it down here as I will be very active on this thread until I manage to solve this issue. Thanks, DeejayF Edit 1: It seems as if you believe that I've only read through one source of information. As stated in my first post I have indeed read through a large amount of threads/tutorials/posts around here. The reason why I chose mainly the google sites tutorial was because I found it to be most comprehensive. Edit 2: "optional" powerdown is what you've stated and I've seen stated on multiple instances here. I've also read that if you don't do this powerdown it might result in an eternal wait and loss of data. What information should I go on? If I don't shut it down I will still keep communication although as from I've read on here it might result in data loss. This is the main reason to why I'm here.
  4. Hi, I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 in a busy state, and I've followed all the instructions and read through gazillions of pages and tutorials both here and on other locations. I got the adapter hooked up to a COM1 port on a XP SP3 Laptop. The communications are all fine and all of the steps are successful until the final step. Last step would be: Alright so I turn off the power to the harddrive, wait around 60 seconds to power it on but there's no response anymore from the harddrive, meaning the terminal is not responding to any of my commands. I've tried: Disconnecting and reconnecting the cables one by one (Serial cable, SATA cable, AC cable, communication cables). Two different terminals (Putty and Hyperterminal) I've remade all of the steps around 10 times, but still the same issue. Everytime I disconnect the power of the harddrive (Removing the SATA cable and putting it back in after 60 seconds) I lose connection. Loopback test is successful and rest of the communication is good. it's just the final step that I can't get to. I've seen people having problems with NOT powering off the HDD before executing the last step so that's not something I would like to do. What do you recommend on doing? What is most likely the issue here? As all communication is working until I reconnect the HDD I wouldn't suspect anything wrong with the communication. Is my controller card faulty? Is the header faulty? Am I doing something wrong in the steps? This is my second day of trying to solve this and I'm running out of patience. If anyone has an idea or a some simple tips it would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks, DeejayF