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  1. @ Dave-H Thanks much for trying to help! I went to C: Windows/Application Data/Opera/Opera/Profile. I forgot to mention that all of the sites I had blocked were also wiped out. Anyhow, I followed your advice. When I clicked on wand.dat, I get a pop up from Adobe Download Manager that says "Error parsing voucher. Download cannot continue." There should be some serious warnings to people thinking of downloading KernelEx. And very detailed instructions of what to do and what NOT to do. I know the screen shots provided are supposed to spell it all out. But I think relying on just screen shots to instruct in how to use KernelEx is rather inadequate. Well, what to do next? I guess I will look for an undelete program.
  2. HELP! Is my lost Opera data really lost? 1. Windows 98 Second Edition 2. KernelEx 4.52 3. Opera 10.63 4. After downloading & installing KernelEx, I clicked on Opera desktop icon on screen. Opera opens, but where is everything?! Lost my tabs, sessions, theme, toolbar settings and buttons. Then I discovered that History (about six months worth) and NOTES(!!!) were gone, Are you an Opera user, btw? Had to reconfigure toolbars & buttons. Had about 25 tabs open, some of which I valued the history of, such as wikipedia, allmusic and amazon. Lost. Bookmarks seem to be ok. But Notes!! I had hundreds of valued quotes, snippets etc.... all gone! Also, all saved passwords were lost. It's the Notes that eats me up the most. Anyhow, is there ANYTHING I can do to recover my Notes. Or my saved sessions that were lost as well? Maybe they are still somewhere to be found. Why did my Notes vanish? I am too overwhelmed to even feel depressed. 5. First I downloaded Microsoft Layer for Unicode (MSLU). I wish I had known that KernelEx takes care of that automatically! Didn't know where to put it, so I put it in the C: Windows folder. (Why is the MSLU link even there if KernelEx handles that? It's just going to confuse people.) Then I clicked on Download for KernelEx 4.52. Then opened and installed. Screen flickered and then I clicked on Opera desktop icon. Tabs, skin, toolbar settings gone! Plus the other stuff I soon found missing as described in point 4 above. 6. Opera was working like a champ prior to downloading KernelEx. 7. Disabling had no effect. Seems the damage had been done already. So, I uninstalled KernelEx. I'm guessing the lesson is to never download without backing up browser. Didn't see too many instructions or guidelines anywhere. I realize you're not getting paid for this but...Maybe doing something like this was over my head....
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