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  1. does WD external hdd work in W2K ?

    I have already bought and checked this HDD and it's working really fine. I just plugged and started playing It has a simple usb cable, the only problem I can see it's copying data a bit slow because of my USB2.0 and my old IDE hdd.
  2. does WD external hdd work in W2K ?

    Thanks so much for your replies. I got SP4 installed, and my motherboard supports USB 2.0 ... I'm gonna buy it tomorrow, as my PC is starting to crash doing weird noises and freezing I blame it on the dvd but not sure at all. I'll give you some news!
  3. Hi! I need more room in my hdd so I have decided to buy an external hdd. As I can read, no one specifies about wk2 but only xp, 7 and those new ones. I'm specially interested in this one: http://western-digital.icecat.it/en/p/wdbpck0010bbk-eesn/external-hard-drives-0718037780566-elements-se-9496708.html Any idea?? Thanks!!
  4. I have copied those files from dllcache folder, tried to register and got this error: Looking for information about these files, it's all about Direct X. Even reinstalling Direct X 9c and Net Framework 2 , IE6 reparation it's not working. I'm getting mad!! Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi everybody! Running W2000 sp4 here! I'm used to rapair my Internet Explorer 6 sp1 every 2 months. Unfortunatly now I can't. I get the following message: I have already downloaded and installed it, no problems. I try to repair and it's not possible. I have installed Service PAck 4 again, even Java and Direct X. I have downgraded (is that the correct word?) to Explorer 5 then updated to 6 again, and cannot repair! I must confess I run Regseeker yesterday and maybe deleted too many items. My computer is working perfectly, but I'd like to know why this error happens!! Thanks so much. Oh, I also have tried regsvr32 name.dll and doesn't work.
  6. What about Spotify running W2000

    Thanks so much, mate. I'm trying to learn about this Service Pack. I tried to run w2ksp51.exe and it said "Setup cannot update your Windows 2000 files because the language installed on your system is different from the update language", as it was expected. Then I've extracted all files using Winrar to a folder. I've found update.inf and I can see [ProductCatalogsToInstall] and other similar lines like [ProductCatalogsToInstall.IP] , [ProductCatalogsToInstall.IS] , [ProductCatalogsToInstall.IA] ... do I have to disable those ones too?
  7. What about Spotify running W2000

    Thanks so much for your help, I'll try next Xmas as I need my computer working right now and I'm afraid if I do something wrong. Will I be able to setup latest version of Skype and Flash as well??? My system got SP4 and no automatic updates as it is disabled.
  8. What about Spotify running W2000

    It says something like "Spotify Installer.exe is not a win32 valid applicatino" I have already downloaded Spotify 0.3.11 Portable , I write my user and password, it tries to connect then to update and gets update failing, saying: "please download the latest version from spotify website blah blah" I download the file, and I cannot run it, saying same as first error (win32 not valid) Thanks so much! Would any patch for English edition work in my Spanish one? I really don't care about language!
  9. Hi! I'm new here, so thanks so much for your attention! I cannot run Spotify since it was updated last January 2012. Do you have any idea? Is there any new patch that I can install?? Thanks so much!