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  1. much better now: this activity comes from World of Warcraft. Do you have any issues? it looks ok, now. I dont know, I still have the System Interrupt activity at 0.5-1% usage all the time... I've uploaded a clean file with no games running: DPC_interrupt.zip
  2. Here comes the new .etl file, changes done: Removed all overclocking, AHCI mode on, new RST drivers for SATA DPC_interrupt.zip
  3. yes, disable the battery or remove it and only use AC power. you have ISR (interrupt) spieks of the ataport.SYS driver. Do you run all your drives in AHCI mode or do you use the IDE mode? Now that you mentioned it, i did have a overclock malfunction not to long ago and had to reset cmos, and it seems it reverted the drives back to IDE mode, i swapped back to AHCI again but the process is still there However im playing BF3 right now and it dont seem like i have the stutter anymore, will edit if i notice it again. edit: nope, it's not gone. What i've done up til now was changing back to ACHI mode, swapped the drives SATA ports a couple of times. I also tried resetting CMOS and immediatly put the AHCI mode on, no progress either... MEHHHHHH What can i possibly try now ? I'm considering doing a fresh install, but i'm pretty scared it wont make a difference. What would you do in this situation? note: In idle, the System Interrupts is no more than 0.5-1% usage on average, but when i play games that 1% bumps up to 3% and its all on Core0 which makes the game stutter from time to time... Pls halp!
  4. Hi andre, i registered to this board just cause i figured you have just the tools i need. To start things of, lately i've been having wierd spikes in game with around 0.2s freeze every now and then (much like microstuttering, but not quite), so i checked my resource monitor and i noticed something i've never seen before; System interrupts process. Now i understand this is bad, and i believe you have the solution for me! I tried both LatencyMon and xperf but since i didnt quite catch what to look for it didnt do much good for me, so here i'll upload the .etl file for you to look at! DPC_interrupt.zip My specs: i5 2500k GeForce GTX 670 8GB Corsair 1600MHz ram Fractal Design Integra 650W MSI P67A-C45 Usb devices: SteelSeries Xai (Mouse) PS/2 Devices: Qpad MK-50 (Keyboard) Thanks in advance! <3