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  1. Thanks for the reply. tested ant it worked
  2. Hi Guys, I've got a dutch office 2007 enterprise disk and i've made an adminfile with the options: - display level=none - suppress modal - no cancel - accept eula+serial - organization name now when i launch the process with setup.exe /adminfile office2007enterprise.msp i get prompted to select the version of office i want to install ( e.g. enterprise or just visio only ). When i select "enterprise" and hit "Doorgaan"(translated:continue), the setup screen freezes but the install continues with the values located in the MSP file. When the setup is done, the frozen screen disappears. I've read this topic/forum but haven't found someone with the same problem.. Anybody got a clue? Thank you in advance!
  3. there seem to be some speculations about "Nero7.Premium.Reloaded.v. mui". does any1 have a clue about an official release? //edit RELEASE DATE: 15.09.2006 ; APTK Burst ; AudiopluginMgr ; InCD ; Nero 3D Studio ; Nero Burning ROM ; Nero BackItUp BURST ; Nero Burn ( for MCE ) ; Nero BurnRights ; Nero CoverDesigner ; Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in ; Nero Home ; Nero Imagedrive ; Nero Installer Burst ; Nero MediaHome ; Nero MediaStreaming ( for MCE ) ; Nero ShowTime ; Nero PhotoSnap ; Nero Recode ; Nero ShowTime ; Nero SoundTrax BURST ; Nero StartSmart 3.5 BURST ; Nero Toolkit CD-DVD Speed ; Nero Toolkit DriveSpeed ; Nero Toolkit InfoTool ; Nero Vision Express ; Nero WaveEditor BURST ; Shared Multimedia Components ; Sipps //edit2 @mrQQ read up at hp38's site, http://www.updatepack.nl/
  4. then i'd say you suggest that the next version of wpi uses reg.exe instead of regedit /S no, i haven't looked into it yet, got a strange bug in my wpi. had no time to look into it yet, but after it adds this registry value (it's noting irregular in there), it suddenly reboots. dunno what the cause of this is yet..
  5. I just used the "regb" option from wpi, which uses regedit.. so this code isnt a normal code?
  6. I was just browsing my wpi.log to check if everything went ok, most "returned codes" were 0 or -1, but with 1 .regfile i saw the following return code: ----- donderdag 10 augustus 2006 19:40:23 Program: Add Open with Notepad UID: ADDNOTEPAD Order: 900003 Category: Shortcuts & Cleanup donderdag 10 augustus 2006 19:40:25 Reg Before Success (returned code -1073741502): "RegEdit /S D:\SETUP\WPI\registry\ennotepadrightclick.reg" donderdag 10 augustus 2006 19:40:25 Finished installation could anybody explain me what this return code means?
  7. great news, the bug posted in #10 is gone with the new release of wpi (5.3). i'm installing apps from it atm in vmware
  8. @ #22, i've applied the fixes but all my %systemdrive% %cdrom% vars were working from guirunonce, from cmdlines.txt/RunOnceEx.cmd i'm still getting the same problem as posted in #10. i'll wait for 5.3 i guess. p.s. u've got a pm
  9. Then could you please explain why i don't have any troubles regarding files or variables when i install it through guirunonce....... thnx for your info i'll upgrade as soon as the new ver is out
  10. i'm using 5.1.... //edit as i said, the .zip works from guirunonce, only pops up the explorer somewhere when installing...
  11. see attachment, i've removed some programms though not allowed to attach zips? http://www.trul.nl/wpi.zip
  12. are u running wpi from hdd or cd? //offtopic, there is no ok button //edit1 i've just downloaded wpi5.2 and copied my config.js/useroptions.js into it, and i've got the same error when loading from cd, works fine if i launch it from hdd, didn't look into it though. will do that now //edit2 ok, it's a typo in the header probably "With" should be "Width" if you ask me
  13. email notification+behind pc+it student?
  14. sure, it's no problem, i'll wait for the new release. i'm editing some files myself atm though
  15. the strange thing is, everything worked (except for the explorer popping up during install). then i followed sadicq advice to change to cmdlines.txt and now i get the error posted in post #10. no files got changed, wpi starts smooth from cd-rom, as it did before... i don't get that.. none of the current bugfixes in the thread changed anything to the problem, or were not relevant