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  1. Need a little help with 98/ ram issue

    Well I got the ram patch installed by removing the large ram, going back to the 512mb modual, instaling the patch, and then reinserting the full 4 gigs after I had installed the patch and everything went back to being right as rain. Ram is still limited due to my settings in the system.ini file but the system boots and works like it did before when the 512mb modual alone was installed. I thought that I could limit the ram using those settings but appearently not. I guess I need the patch. Is Mr. Loew still activly selling it? Should I expect a prompt reply from him? I dont understand why I just couldnt make it work by limiting the ram like than in the ini file. Regardless everything seems to be working right with the patch. to sdfox7 Yes I'm using the right drivers. Before with only 512mb installed everything worked fine. to dencorso Thats interesting about you saying that you've never heard of a 6800 working right with 98. I was under the impression that the 6 series was the last nvidia supported for 98 and so I just reacently bought the best card in the series, the 6800 ultra, specifically for this system for this purpose. I havent tried to play any games yet but it seems that its working for me. What kinds of problems have you heard about happening with this card? Is there some nastiness that I should expect?
  2. Need a little help with 98/ ram issue

    Well, even though I had those settings set in the system.ini and the system was able to boot with the large ammount of ram installed I was unable to install the patch from there to test it because it was saying I was out of ram. I've looked over this forum but I must be doing something wrong. As soon as I took the ram out and put the 512mb modual back in everything is back to normal. With Forceware81.98 I have 32bit color and high resolutions back. The problem only presents itself when I install the large ammount of ram. and even with those system ini settings it still told me that I was out of ram to run anything dos. So that must have something to do with the fact that the graphics quit working as well. Now that things are working again I will try to install the patch and swap the memory back out to see if that works. I'll update this post witht the results.
  3. Hello there, My system is an MSI 865g neo 2-p motherboard, 3.4ghz pentium 4 northwood, with a 256mb agp Geforce 6800 ultra video card. My goal is to eventually be able to tripple boot 98se, xp, and 7 on the same system. SO far I have installed 98se and xp. Everything went swimingly with a 512mb ram modual. The goal is to set the system up with 4 gb of ram which I have. I do not expect to be able to use all that ram in 98, I just want the system to work. I have run auto patcher on 98, placed "MaxFileCache=131072" under the vcache section of the system.ini file and also set "MaxPhysPage=30000" under [386Enh] to limit the amount of ram windows 98 sees, I tryed it at 40000 as well. Once I set the MaxPhysPage= I am now able to boot windows 98 with the large ammount of ram installed; however, now I have a new problem. Once I did that my video card quit working properly and windows 98 will only boot into 640x480 vga with an error message that begins with "there is a problem with your display settings". The correct drivers are installed and it was working before. What did I just do? I'm not really an expert on these things, what do I need to do to get this back working correctly with the large ammount of ram installed to use under xp and 7?
  4. AT fliptop case?

    Ok sorry never mind. I was under the impression that there were vintage hobbyists on this forum. Someone who collects antique computer parts, who remembers cases like this and might still have one laying arround. I'm not interested in atx cases, I have plenty of those. I'm looking for a genuine antique that would be ideal for the vintage nature of the build, a genuine late 80's beige AT desktop case like the one shown in the picture. Pebcak? Really? I inquire about a specific type of AT case and you show me a generic ATX I could pick up anywhere? That would look very cute with a few beige 5.25" floppy drives in it.
  5. AT fliptop case?

    Yes that is what I am referring to. I am wanting to put together an old dos gaming machine but am having great difficulty finding a case that I like. The motherboard I'm using is indeed baby AT. Maybe I should have specified that. I'm wondering if anyone older than I am remembers cases like this or would have a case similar with a flip open top that would make part swapping and tinkering much easier. I would hate to spend near 70 or 80 dollars on a new AT desktop case that would prove to be a nightmare to deal with. I remember the cases that have one solid steel piece for a cover with multiple screws on the back. I have a few ATX case like that. They are not fun to deal with.
  6. AT fliptop case?

    OK so I'm learning that google is next to useless when trying to search for AT form factor computer cases. I know that they exist here is a picture: The article I pulled this from the guy is building an AT clone. (very old magazine article) SO... Does anyone here know where I could get a flip open AT case? It would be very very convenient as I intend to be doing a lot of part swapping on a regular basis on the rig I'm going to be putting together. Does anyone have such a case or have seen them?
  7. Opera 10/ Windows 9x ?

    Hi there. I'm fairly new to this community and this is my first post I believe. So, Hi. I have questions regarding what is the best and most modern browser to run on Win9x I am aware and use Seamonkey95 provided by toastytech.com but I have recently discovered that Opera actually supported 9x for quite some time after that. I am also aware of and use KernelEx and all that entails but am wonding what is the best I could get without the use of KernelEx. I have conclude that is Opera 10. So... 10.10 will run on 98 and up according to oldapps according to old apps 10.61, 10.62, and final update 10.63 require ME but that does not make much sense since 10.61 contains an update specific to Windows 98 compatibility. I have read elsewhere that 10.63 runs only on 98 IF a certain system file is replaced with on from WinME. SO... I am fairly confused. Naturally I want to run the latest version I can but all of these factors are confusing me. This is primarily for a friend who is leery about installing kernelex. My machine already has KernelEx and I am running 11.64 on it and really don't want to have to uninstall it and break things testing around for hours testing different versions. Can anyone shed any light on this for me. Will 10.63 run on Windows 95? 98 first edition 98se? If so what would I have to do in order to achieve this? thx