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  1. Extract(RIP) Windows XP from DVD

    This is what I created so far: Windows XP Home Edition Nederlands (Nederland) Service Pack 2 Version 5.1.2600.2180 Size 467,36MB ROOT of CD: DOCS I386 SUPPORT VALUEADD LEESMIJ .html (english should be README) SETUP .exe SETUPXP .html WIN51 WIN51IC WIN51IC.SP1 WIN51IC.SP2 I used Product Key on COA sticker to install it on ANOTHER computer. now my questions are: Where can I download the windows updates for slipstream with nLite? (link) Is there a way to find drivers for a (Random computer)? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Which instructions ? 4. after I created boot disk, at ROOT of CD SETUP.EXE , WIN9XMIG, WIN9XUPG, WINNTUPG not missing Only the BOOTFONT AUTORUN and those emty folders compared to the XP pro CD (at ROOT CD) And this noobie dont know where Windows Explorer or forgot how to get there ?
  2. Extract(RIP) Windows XP from DVD

    I used this as a guideline to make my Windows XP Setup CD Here are some question before I test it out. I dont understand the post above about KeyFinder, can someone tell me how to get INTERNAL key if there is any ? Do I really need to install those drivers ? Or does it install standard one within Windows XP As mentioned above I created a Windows XP Setup CD. Why are the Folders DOCS SUPPORT VALUEADD empty ? What files should be there ? I might not need it but I want to create an as full version of windows xp before I make a lighter version of it ? I Have a Windows XP Pro which i was unable to update. There is a file there: BOOTFONT (what is it for) And there is another file AUTORUN Can I just copy it ?
  3. Extract(RIP) Windows XP from DVD

    I got my I386 folder now from C:\WINDOWS I used nLite on it: Product name: Windows XP Home Edition Language: Nederlands (Nederland) Service Pack: 0 Version: 5.1.2600.2180 Size: 455,48MB But there are 2 SP2 files in the I386 folder, the only thing is, I dont know if there is a .CAB file And my computer is a Compaq Presario SR1649NL
  4. Extract(RIP) Windows XP from DVD

    So far I created WIN51 and WIN51IC With nLite I can remove the folders: hp, PRELOAD and Tools. And this is what it said about these folders: "Scanned folders in your installation that are not critical or covered in other options. Select if you don't use them." Folders inside I386 Apps - 815 MB ASMS - 7,53 MB COMPDATA - 2,77 MB DIST - 2,17 MB Drv - 99,3 MB DRW - 300 kB Fonts - 23,8 MB inf - 148 kB LANG - 99,4 MB SYSTEM32 - 113 MB WinSxS - 5,29 MB
  5. Extract(RIP) Windows XP from DVD

    First of all, sorry if I used the wrong words. (feel free to correct me so I keep learning ^^) I have a DVD that I used to format my harddisk. But the thing is it also install some programs that was standard delivered when i bought that PC. What I now want to do is get only Windows XP out of it, is that possible ? Here is some info what's on that DVD. MAP - HP - 12,0 kB MAP - I386 - 1,49 GB MAP - PRELOAD - 963 MB MAP - Tools - 170 MB Notepad - Master - 4,00 kB