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  1. I understood the request, it's just that since I am no longer pursuing recovery (as per the declining further assistance comment) I didn't want to bother wasting much effort on the drive. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), time is a precious commodity. (And for the record, I DID answer one of his questions.....I just chose the really easy one ) However, if you are really interested in the gritty details....I don't mind making some further efforts to satisfy your curiosity (because that's something I understand fully). Your call. As for me, I'm ok with your "beyond reasonable recovery methods" judgment and in my opinion, our collective time is better spent elsewhere. I do appreciate your help and don't wish to take away from you helping others with more likely chances at success. Thanks!
  2. Hi jaclaz, I appreciate you taking a look at the information for me. The owner had tried a few things before handing it over. I ran testdisk myself just to see if it would turn up anything, as I have had good luck with it in the past. My next step (as per one of your helpful posts) was to run dsfo to get a drive image but obviously that did not go well for me. When that failed, I tried datarescuedd and a few other programs just to see if they could even make sense of the drive....with no good results and I took no write actions in any of those programs. Again, I appreciate the time and will have to decline further action. I don't think it's that vital for the owner. @dencorso - The drive in question is a DANE-ELEC 8GB (like the attached pic) - for your curiosity. Thanks for taking a look at my post. This forum is an excellent resource if just for good software links. Found a whole bunch of highly useful utilities by reading through some back and forths jaclaz had with other posters. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I was hoping to get some help attempting to recover a flash drive. PROBLEM: According to the owner, the flash drive was inserted in a Mac and was having data written to it when it was removed without properly being prepared for removal. Now every time it is inserted into a computer, Windows asks to please insert a disk into drive (drive letter). In Windows disk management, it shows up as a drive letter but the drive has 0 bytes and no partitions on it. ACTIONS TAKEN: I have read through some of the threads here where JACLAZ was helping others, but I am unable to get DSFO to generate a proper image of the drive. When I attempted to get it to generate an image with the command "dsfo \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 0 0 C:\dsfok\hddfull.img", I can see the activity light on the flash drive blinking constantly. However, after leaving this operation overnight......the image file had grown to 84GB and did not seem like it was going to stop anytime soon (on an 8GB flash drive!). In addition, I had previously run Testdisc and Photorec but even with deep scans there is no partition information available to these programs so I cannot continue further. Unfortunately, data recovery is not my forte. Any help would be appreciated. There are videos on the drive that the person would like recovered if possible. I don't believe it's life and death material, but I don't like returning something to a person I know without having accomplished something. Thanks again. attached is a sample image from DSFO (result of issued command = "dsfo \\.\PHYSICALDRIVEn 0 51200 C:\dsfok\USB_100.img") edit: added screenshot from DMDE on 8GB flash drive USB_100.zip