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  1. I have a D-Link DGL-4500. See below modem - DGL-4500 - Server
  2. Yeah, all I have is a modem, and a wireless router.
  3. Maybe some roaming profiles, home network. I do want it to access the internet, and for all my PC's be apart of the Server's DOMAIN. And to setup some security policy's.
  4. Hi, I am trying to make a Domain Controller at my house. I am running Server 2008. On the server: Under IPv4 do I need to create my own personal IP address and make the Subnet Also do I need to make the Default gateway the ip address of my modem? Then What does the DNS need to be? The IP address that I made up above as such: IP: Subnet: Gateway: ---- This is my modem IP DNS1: DNS2: ?????? Does that look correct?
  5. I ran that on my 7 machine and like 10 icons disappeared from my desktop. Not sure what caused that.
  6. Very nice, will this work on XP and 7? I know some of the directories changed thanks,
  7. Was wondering if someone could help me Make A Batch File That Deletes Files Not sure if many can help but I am in IT, and run in to a certain program error all the time. The fix is deleting 4 files in their PC. Example: 1.Delete the UCF folder located at C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Documentum 2.Delete the Java folder located at C:\Cache 3.Delete Temp internet Files - On IE 4.Delete Cookies - On IE In Windows XP Any suggestions?