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  1. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;238835 Here is the fix from Microsoft Knowledge Base.
  2. While doing an unattended install of Windows 2003 Server, I received this error msg "Fatal Error: Internal Setup data structures are corrupted (phase 0)." and wouldn't you now it, Windows doesn't give anyone information. I am using procedures from the Unattended XP CD instruction and GreenMachine's instructions for Slipstreaming the SATA/RAID drivers. Note: If I pull out the winnt.sif file the install CD works fine. Happy to provide any information upon request. It gets past the F6 and the copying files part of the install. Then does the reboot and starts the Windows GUI. Does the Collecting Information, Dynamic Update, Preparing Installation, and then Installing Windows. It dies during the installing Windows. winnt.sif
  3. I am in the process of slipstreaming the F6 drivers for an Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA HostRAID. But, I am not sure of configuring the SourceDisksFiles parameters. This is what I have, but I am not sure of how the rest of it should look. I have also attached the inf file of the driver, if this helps? Would an appreciate assistance. aarich.sys= 1,,,,,, Thank you! aarich.inf

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