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  1. HP F2400 Printer Driver for Windows 2000

    Last night, I tried to install Windows 2000 again on my Clevo netbook. Now with HFSlip packages and slipstreamed AHCI driver and I did install using WinSetupFromUSB. The installation was smooth... take about 1 hours and finally, I can see the text "2000 Professional, Built on NT Technology" appeared on my netbook screen All drivers are work (but I don't try to install HP F2400 driver yet) except the LAN driver (JMicron NDIS Driver).
  2. HP F2400 Printer Driver for Windows 2000

    Since I love WIndows 2000, I already did that strategy. I did slipstream Intel NM 10 chipset driver (which is I use it in XP successfully) into 2k installation using nLite. But I don't why the generated ISO always give me error message like "INVALID LINE 53 IN INF FILE".
  3. HP F2400 Printer Driver for Windows 2000

    @tomasz86: Thanks for your kindly help. There's a new situation now... My harddisk suddenly death, so I have to buy the new one. I get a new 500 GB SATA harddisk and I put it on my netbook. I have to switch it into IDE mode since I know Windows 2000 can't recognize AHCI by default. My installation is fail and I get error message INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. Googling around and I have to surrender... So, it seems that I must end with WIndows XP, back the harddisk into AHCI since I already slipstream XP with my AHCI driver and the installation is run smoothly...
  4. Hello everyone, I use Windows 2000 Professional and now I get HP All In One Printer with brand name HP F2476. HP said that this printer is part of HP F2400 family, so I download the driver from http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=al-72288-3&cc=id&dlc=en&lc=en&os=228&product=3964427&sw_lang=. Unfortunately, this driver is required Windows XP as minimal supported OS installed. So... do you know step by step how to pass the OS checking version? I know very little about KDW... and I don't know yet whether this tool can solve my problem. Thanks in advance...